Muslim leader says revolutionary government holds key in solving problems in Muslim Mindanao, entire country

After decades of rebellion in Muslim Mindanao, a former leader of the Muslim separatist movement bats of a revolutionary government for Duterte asap.

Former MNLF leader and ARMM deputy Governor Norodin Alonto Lucman has been urging Pres. Duterte lately to declare a RevGov because he strongly believes it holds the key in solving many problems in the country, specifically the Muslim Mindanao problem and the country’s dysfunctional political system and the drug menace in general.

Lucman also believes that RevGov will put closure to the Marawi Crisis and the Muslim Problem in Mindanao, protecting PRRD from future retribution such as reprisals, clan conflicts and armed uprisings.

Otherwise, failure to address the consequences of the Marawi conflict will result in the unity of all tribal forces, including political clans and Royal Houses in Muslim Mindanao against PRRD, and beyond his term.

The Muslim Mindanao blueprint can also be duplicated in the Visayas and Mindanao, says Lucman.

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REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT: What’s the strategy? How long? Who will manage it? Chances of success in the long-run? Risks and consequences considered?
These are questions posed by Rafael Alunan III.

My answer:

The Cory Revolutionary Government is essentially a counter-revolution, designed to replace an aging dictatorship with fresh faces to perpetuate the stranglehold of the Few over the masses. The difference is that while the Marcoses were lording it over, the Cory government produced a myriad of hungry political clans at regional and national level duplicating the kind of oligarchy, official corruption and cronyism that characterized the Martial Law regime. This protracted paradigm will influence our country’s economic and political direction with major and pocket wars thrown in, keeping the AFP top brass busy and prosperous in Mindanao wars and elsewhere.

From 2000 onwards, the government figured in three major wars in Central Mindanao, stunting the economy and tourism with deadly effect. It was around this chaotic period that drug menace started to proliferate in every town, cities and provinces around the country, often in cahoots with LGU and a number of key PNP officials.
Under the Aquino administration, aside from the Mamasapano Tragedy, the drug menace reached as deep as grass roots level, making the country the Drug Capital of Asia.

This is what Pres. Duterte inherited as he stepped into a presidency that have long presided as the figurehead of State Crime, Inc.

What will PRRD do under a presidency that moonlights as the center of criminal activities in the government?

In this way, PRRD was elected by the people precisely to break the back of a dysfunctional political system and drug menace.

Unwittingly, with his pronouncement as a Maranao-blooded president, the forces that made wars possible in Mindanao went on high gear.

Whether PRRD was aware of a plan to create controlled chaos in Marawi, with the help of Maute and Romato clans, to justify Martial Law in Mindanao remains a mystery.

With the Mindanao peace process in disarray, Marawi City in ruins, coupled with the loss of credibility of the MILF/MNLF as legit representatives of the Bangsamoro people, where do we go from here?

The only way is a Revolutionary Government and PRRD is running out of time.

1. PRRD needs competent people, Think Tanks and a strong advisory council to run a sustainable RevGov. Likewise get the best and the brightest in the roster of AFP officers to reform the AFP
2. Recalibrate Philippine criminal justice system i.e. death penalty
3. RevGov can force the issue of Charter Change and Federalism
4. RevGov can suspend the Congress and replace LGU officials who are guilty of corruption and involvement in drug business.
5. RevGov can put closure to the Marawi Crisis and the Muslim Problem in Mindanao. RevGov is proactive in averting future retribution against PRRD such as reprisals, clan conflicts and armed uprisings. Failure to address the ramifications of the Marawi Siege will result in the unity of all tribal forces including political clans and Royal Houses in Muslim Mindanao against PRRD, and beyond his term..
6. Unite pro-government political clans, Islamic organizations and civic society groups as partner for peace in Mindanao and Sulu. This can be duplicated in Luzon and Visayas.

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