Nagueño professor to critics of Robredo exposé: Those who diminish the power of #NagaLeaks, let me tell you this

An obviously irked Nagueño and La Salle professor Antonio Contreras took to Facebook telling critics to quit downplaying #NagaLeaks.

In a Facebook post, Contreras wrote: “Those who diminish the power of #NagaLeaks, from petty complaints about its length and allegedly disorganized writing, to its lack of evidence presented, mostly emanating from partisan views, some trying hard to be objective but not quite successful in that the bias is showing, let me tell you this.”

“All over Naga City, people are talking. In cafes. In dinner tables. In sari-sari stores. In wakes,” Contreras told doubters about the Robredo secret being discussed all over the city.

“Young people ask the old to tell them the truth. Older people grapple with the pain of being told of things which they know about all along but just kept to themselves, perhaps due to fear, partly due to hesitation of blurting out an inconvenient truth,” Contreras wrote about the dilemma of older people to discuss Jesse Robredo’s history with the younger generation out of fear.

But the political winds is changing as Nagueños are now starting to talk openly about the skeletons in the closets of the Robredos.

“But now they are talking. Not only in whispers or hushed voices. But openly. Justice has finally come for Emil. That is what they say,” Contreras said.

In parting, the Naga City native and La Salle professor left his followers something to ponder on after reading his post and wrote:

“Only a fool wouldn’t know that these are signs that monuments built on lies are beginning to fall down. The foundations of a myth have been undermined.”

Your thoughts please!

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