NAIA passenger to Duterte: “Please do something about abusive practice of taxi drivers in the airport”

A viral video asking the incoming President Rody Duterte to do something about the abusive taxi drivers at the NAIA has been doing the rounds online.

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In a Facebook post shared more than 9300 times as of Tuesday afternoon, a netizen identified by the FB handle Aad Meen published the video of a NAIA passenger complaining about the taxi drivers in NAIA 3.

In the video, the apparently irked passenger claimed that the taxi drivers in NAIA 3 refused to give them a ride home unless they accept the negotiated fare, which many passengers turned down.

As a sign of frustration, the passenger took a video of the long line of weary passengers yearning to get home to the waiting arms of their respective families.

In the video, the NAIA 3 passenger told the passengers queueing in line that he is taking a video to document their plight and upload the video on Facebook in the hope that the incoming President will get to watch their video and do something about their pleas.

Take note that the issue against the NAIA taxis has been there for ages, way before the advent of the social media.

Lately, the popularity of the use of the social media has exploded, encouraging the netizens to use it as a medium in exposing perceived irregularities or anomalies to the consciousness of the public.

The video has been receiving mixed reactions from netizens who did watch the viral video.

One netizen commented that the ordinary taxis visible in the video are not at fault since they are not allowed to pick-up passengers other than the airport taxis.

Meanwhile, the presumptive President Rodrigo Duterte has issued a stern warning against taxi drivers who refused to give the change of their passengers.

In addition, the incoming President has also warn drunk drivers. Otherwise, he will have them strip naked in front of TV reporters as a form of punishment.

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