NAIA taxi scam victim from Ukraine tells government: Get rid NAIA of scammers, praises Davao for their trustworthy local taxi

Pinoy Facebook users are furious after learning the ordeal of a Ukrainian tourist, a first-timer at that, at the hands of the notorious NAIA taxi driver cum scam artist.

Ukrainian ‎Ivan Brygar‎ took to Facebook to narrate his unpleasant experience upon arrival at NAIA Terminal 3.

Likewise, Brygar hopes the government will get rid NAIA of scammers because this is the first impression of tourists after getting out from the airport.”

According to his Facebook post published three days ago, March 20, 2019, Brygar, a first time Manila visitor, landed at NAIA with a connecting flight to Davao City as a participant of the ALVEO Ironman 70.3 Davao.

Brygar’s trouble happened when he went asking random people for the shuttle bus that will take him to Terminal 4 and this guy out of nowhere ran to his help.

The guy turned out to be an accomplice of NAIA taxi drivers cum scam artists who preys on unsuspecting airline passengers, mostly foreigners.

Brygar suspected he was dealing with shady people after his boarding pass was taken from his hand forcibly, but it was already too late because the guy who took his boarding pass already took off to the other side of the road, making calls (apparently, his accomplice taxi driver).

Besides, Brygar feared his plane will take off without him, so he was left with no choice and repeated assurances that the taxi is a fixed metered taxi.

Brygar admitted he was aware he would be paying higher than the regular taxi rates that is why while the taxi was moving, he kept asking for the the taxi meter.

Rather than getting the proper reply, one of them, not sure if this was the same guy who approached him at the airport, just showed him the document indicating that the fare from one NAIA terminal to the next is P2,400.

When Brygar said that the taxi fare was a scam, he was told that if they stop now, he will miss his flight.

Luckily for Brygar, he was delivered to Terminal 4 unharmed despite his apprehensions that he would either get robbed or taken somewhere else by the NAIA taxi driver.

By the way, Brygar arrived in Davao City and had a good impression of the Davao City for having high level of trustworthy to the local taxi!

Aside from the unfortunate encounter with the NAIA taxi scammers, Brygar had to deal with the another issue, lost luggage, a bicycle to be use in the Ironman competition which was not loaded in KL due to AirAsia ramp issue.

You may read the full post below now.

The first time in Philippines, going to my the first #Ironman, just after arrival to Manila already having bad experiences: lost bicycle and scammed by taxists 😔

I having an #AirAsia flight from Kuala Lumpur to #Davao with connection in #Manila. In KL checked in, left my bicycle in a case in a special gate for oversized luggage, scanned and then the workers said I have to recheck-in the luggage in Manila for the next travel to Davao.
But when arrived to Manila I wasn’t able to find my bicycle at AirAsia area, then asked their employees where to find the oversized luggage, provided all necessary info as flight number, picture of the case, they answered – it should be here, then had lots of calls to the arrival ramp, etc, but no result, I just waited between their conversations, after that they answered that don’t know where is it and recommended do not spend more time of waiting and fly to Davao, asked my data how to contact me and where I stay in Davao, promised to find and send the case by midnight or tomorrow. So, as I don’t have another choice, have to go to the next flight.

I didn’t know that I have to change terminal from 3 to 4. Asked a few people where the shuttle bus to terminal 4 and one guy run to me to “help”, from my hands taken boarding passes and said it’s needed to take a taxi, because of no time, there are no shuttle buses, etc. I already realized that it’s better to ask somebody else but he went from me to the road with documents and called to some friend and they can bring me there. I’ve asked many times what gonna be the price but he answered that fixed official price as it’s will be metered taxi. Still wanted to explore the area around Terminal 3 more, but time…and the guy was experienced to make me rush. I agreed, understand that the price will be higher than real, but didn’t know how much more! When started to drive I’ve asked where the “meter”, one of them showed the paper with prices to ech terminal where it was 2400 peso and said this is it 🤦‍♂️! It’s extremely expensive, I said that this is a scam and have got an answer that if we cannot go now, I’ll skip the flight, what are they gonna do, stop the car on highway or drive to some another place?! I don’t know, unfortunately I didn’t have internet and wasn’t able to check distance. Eventually they drive me to T4 outside, behind the fence! Then asked to give them money, maybe they wanted even to rob me?! They have got 2000 peso and now I writing this post at the gates before the next flight, which is actually DELAYED. Terrible experience 😓

The picture of the taxi car who scammed me. The plate number is #MOZ951 or #WOZ951?.
This post is also awareness for another travelers.

UPDATE 21 March, 12:05 PM:
The #AirAsia finally contacted me, said that they found the case with bicycle, it was not loaded in KL due to AirAsia ramp issue. They will send me it to the hotel where I staying. Still nervous and hope nothing was damaged or lost.

UPDATE 21 March, 21:45:
#AirAsia just delivered the case, finally I got it which has the all necessary sport equipment 😅

P.S. I didn’t expect such huge social resonance, thank you everybody who raised the questions to AirAsia, appreciate your willingness to help, thank you for sharing your experience, kindness and support 🙏👍

There is still open question about the taxi drivers in Manila, I hope police know how to find them and what to do then, wish the government to remove such scammers at the gate of Philippines, because this is the first impression of tourists after getting out from the airport. The Davao is good example of having high level of trustworthy to the local taxi! 😊

Best regards, Ivan Brygar

#IM703Davao #AlveoIM703

As of this writing, Brygar’s FB post has gone viral, garnering more than 4,000 shares, more than 2,000 reactions and more than 1,300 comments and counting.

Netizens reacted angrily after reading the news, straight from the Facebook post of the victim himself.

Fritz Gorospe God damn filipinos working in the airport and airport taxi drivers. They see foreigners or overseas workers – they want to squeeze money out of you. Such a shameful act that unfortunately still exist until now.

Adela Abarico shared her experience outside the airport.

Nabiktima din ako taxi outside the airport. Ang laki gina charge sa akin gusto kung bumaba kaya lang sa highway na kami at go nalang.

Cheryl Dimple Cabrera Valle commented that it is such a shame the gateway to the Philippines is Manila while at the same time felt proud when reading positive feedback about Davao, her hometown.

Such a shame that the gateway to the Philippines is Manila. That you have to go through that scamming. Posts like this makes me proud of my city. #DavaoCity

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