“NAKAKAHIYA TALAGA ANG MGA PRO LENI.” — Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu remarked in light of Japan’s response to coronavirus vs pro-Leni

Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu has nothing but praise for Japan’s response to the coronavirus outbreak in China.

Chu remarked that despite Japan’s unpopularity in China, most hated country in China to be blunt, has brushed aside its politics as China wages war versus nCOV.

Japan—which has animosity with China that has spanned decades, even centuries, unlike us—has set aside its politics as China battles the NCOV.

How? As a gesture of friendship and solidarity, Japan sent 1 million masks to China and did not issue a blanket ban to its nationals.

It donated 1 million masks to China and one of the few countries who did not issue a blanket ban to its nationals.

Chu took a swipe at some of our countrymen, especially the supporters of Leni Robredo, for calling the China-wide ban of flights and r@ci$t remarks in the guise of stopping the coronavirus from the traveling to the country along with the arrivals of Chinese tourist or even Chinese people seeking refuge in a tropical country, perhaps from what they read or hear from news report that the virus won’t survive long in hot and humid countries like the Philippines.

Chu lamented that Japan who is not a Catholic country and have issues with China (territorial dispute) but guess what? Japan did not act like r@ci$t while the Philippines, especially the supporters of Leni, mostly C@th0lic$ are acting like one.




In light of this, Chu cannot help but called the supporters of Leni an embarrassment. Chu blamed the pro-Leni supporters for all the shameless acts on social media. Chu ended the post with sarcastic remark by urging Robredo to continue her “Angat Buhay ” program and called them “PLASTIK” or fake.

NAKAKAHIYA TALAGA ANG MGA PRO LENI. Kasalanan niyo lahat yung ka walanghiyaan dito. ANGAT Buhay pa more mga PLASTIK

One netizen expressed agreement with Ms. Chu’s astute observation of the pro-Leni supporters.

“Very well said Krizette. I 100% agree. Most of these critics of Pres. Duterte are catholic and dont walk the talk. They don’t do what God tells them to do. In other words, they are hypocrite and fake catholic believer. I studied in Catholic school for 10yrs and it was never taught to be racist. Instead, God said love your neighbors and your enemies. Only Dilawan supporters hate the Chinese so much bcoz they want to link them to PRRD. What a shame. Good thing they are only 3%.”

Meanwhile, this netizen found it ironic that Ms Chu preached unity in the beginning and then switched gear in the end. “How Ironic lang na nagpopromote ka ng pagkakaisa sa first part ng statement mo tapos hatred at division naman sa last part 🤔”

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Source: Krizette Chu

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