“Nakakakaglit naman to” — Manila Bulletin writer on VP Robredo & Joma Sison as guest speakers in launching of 1Sambayan Canada chapter

“Nakakakaglit naman to.”

This is initial reaction of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu in light of report that Joma Sison will be one of the speakers of the launching of 1Sambayan Canada Chapter.

Chu remarked that Joma Sison’s connection with 1Sambayan made sense to her now why Leni Robredo has been silent on the IED blast that killed an innocent civilian in Masbate.

“No wonder Leni Robredo doesn’t say anything about NPA crimes. For their launching of 1Sambayan in Canada, special guest pa si Joma Sison.”

Chu asked if anti-terrorism is just a joke to the anti-Dutertes? Even if Joma is a murdered and terrorist, they are turning a blind eye because as the saying goes, the enemy of my of my enemy is my friend?

“Joke nalang ba sa mga anti Duterte ang terrorism? Kahit na murderer at terrorist si Joma ok lang kasi the enemy of my enemy is my friend? Bahala na kahit Sino basta fellow anti Duterte nyo?”

Chu turned her attention to Filipinos with a guilt-tripping question: “If you claim that you love the Philippines and are pro Filipino, how can you stand your Vice President being allied with a terrorist?”

“This is our VICE PRESIDENT allowing herself to be allied with a CRIMINAL,” an irate Chu remarked.

Chu ended the brief FB rant by using phrases to describe those who will continue to support the Vice President whom she accused is an ally of terrorist.

“NPA enablers. Terrorist allies. You DESERVE to be red tagged.”

As of this writing, Chu’s FB rant has generated 10,223 reactions, 1,200 comments and 2,600+ reactions and counting.

Commenting on Chu’s FB thread, one netizen wrote: “A supposedly democratic party rubbing elbows with the communist leader … goes to show theirs is not really a principled ideology but the pursuit of political power for their own personal gain.”

“Desperate times and Desperate measures! I would not be surprised if they would tie up with the leaders if ABU Sayyaf and other local base terrorist organizations! On the contrary this is a good development as the people can see their true colors! DIRETSO SA INIDORO NG KULUNGAN!” another netizen commented.

“It should not surprise us. We’ve already known that they support misguided ideology of Joma’s communism while talking about democracy and all that bullshit 😡added another.

Photo from Mark Lopez


Source: Krizette Chu

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