Nakalimutan kaya or clueless lang na inappropriate yan? – Netizen ask after this controversial photo of Leni Robredo circulates online

Leni Robredo is getting flak from netizens after a photo of the vice president purportedly signing her portrait owned by a supporter has been making the rounds online.

Social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes reposted the photo of the vice president on her wall saying Robredo must be very excited since she signed the portrait without giving much thought what she was getting into.

Reyes asked if either Robredo forgot what she studied in law school or simply clueless that signing the portrait was inappropriate?

If you take a closer look at the portrait, the presidential seal was very visible in the background of the seated Leni Robredo which was obviously photoshopped by the presumptuous supporter.

This glaring error in the photo did not escape the eagled-eyed Reyes and her FB followers who cited the existence of the law that prohibits the use of the Presidential seal except the President.

On Facebook, Reyes wrote:


Nakalimutan kaya or clueless lang na inappropriate yan?

Here are some of comments from netizens below.

Netizen #1 commented that based on what he saw, this is an attribute that he does not want for a leader.

This goes to show, either she doesn’t know the law or ignore it (Prohibiting the unauthorized use of the seal of the President of the Philippines). Either way, that’s an attribute that I do not want for my leader.

Netizen #2 can’t help but recall a similar incident involving the grand daughter of President Duterte wherein critics of PRRD, including Rappler made it a huge issue at that time.

noong nag-pre-debut sa malacanang ang apo ni PRD meron pang mention na EO si rappler… kumusta naman yung photoshopped pic ni FVP na may John Hancock pa niya???

Meanwhile, this netizen can’t help but comment on Leni’s confidence.

Hala oi …counting the eggs before it is hatched…. OMG 😱 Ang lakas ng confidence

Meanwhile, this netizen said that this photo is proof that ambition and stupidity aren’t the perfect match.

Just goes to show that ambition and stupidity don’t mix well. 😅🤣


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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