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“Nas Daily really should rebrand as CASH Daily, at least then people will know his real intentions?” — British national

A certain netizen named Malcolm Conlan, a British national and called by bloggers as more Pinoy than most Filipinos has joined Filipinos in criticizing Nas Daily.

Conlan began by asking the important questions to understand Nas Daily’s motivation in employing so many Filipinos on his company.

“To understand the intentions of Nas Daily, you have to ask one question, why employ so many Filipinos on his team? Apparently 40% of his staff are Filipino?”

Basically, Conlan came up with 4 possible answers to the WHY question in the beginning of his post.

1. They are excellent in social media, therefore making him even more CASH.

2. They understand the Filipino market and what’s trending in the Philippines, why is this so important? To gain more views for Nas, thus earning him even more CASH.

3. He was targeting the Filipino audience as he knows that will garnish many views. Clickbait really does work, just ask the biased woke media. This strategy will also earn him a lot of CASH.

4. Apparently, according to a Filipina who was involved in another potential project which Nas was exploring on a farm, Nas was heard saying that any video with reference to ‘Philippines’ would garnish many hits, earning him, you guessed it, CASH!

Conlan ended the post making a joke that Nas Daily might as well rebrand his company to Cash Daily for the sake of transparency.

“Do you see the link, Nas Daily really should rebrand as CASH Daily, at least then people will know his real intentions?”

Let us read the comments below to see how netizens receive Conlan’s suggestion to Nas Daily to change its name for the sake of transparency.

“Very good points and obviously very true, I myself observed it and hated those bloggers doing clickbaits so exaggerated… it is really a bait to give time of their nonsense coverages. In you tube, it is hard to find a real videos it is always cash!” wrote one netizen.

“He is a vblogger, and he has to have very interesting content for him to earn, but please, not at our expense. Maybe he should leave the country and go somewhere else where covid cases are very high and get himself infected,that will be his ultimate content…”

Cash Daily, hahahahaha you got it Mr Malcolm Conlan

“he’s a living scumbag, probably he know’s the Pinoy’s are the no. 1 fb social media users in the world.”

Of course, not all netizens agree witn Conlan’s suggestion.

“You make it sound as if it’s a crime to earn money? And for the record? If his business has a division registered to do business in the Philippines? He has to either partner with, or employ 40% domestic. As the law requires. 

“Atleast he helped a lot of Unemployed filipinos having a job.. nowadays its hsard to find a job and earn money to support the family. not like other vloger or influencer just blahh blahhh blahh here in facebook

In all business, you have to consider all sides to earn bigger, if u dont, u will never succeed…Let us not forget that whatever Nas daily do, picture, portray and show to his videos,,, or even all media ends with MONEY..


Source: Malcolm Conlan

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