National Security expert cites ‘national security threats’ staring at Duterte

In light of the 82% high trust rating of Duterte in the latest Pulse Asia survey, the president is secure from his post from the destabilizers.

However, if you read the Facebook post of former military official and military rebel Abe Purugganan, Duterte and his supporters cannot afford to relax and shrug off the threats noted by the former military official.

Read the post below.

(A National Threat Assessment)

1- The communists have called for a nationwide tactical offensive.

2- The communists both the RA’s and RJ’s are into street protests. The are mobilizing for the SONA. They are collaborating with some local politicians.

3- RJ’s are exploting and calling for our youth to join rallies during the SONA.

4- Liberals from EU and US Congress are directly intervening in the affairs of our state. They are in connivance with the opposition.

5- ISIS terrorists in Marawi refuse to give up. They intend to die fighting. This is giving our troops a hard time.

6- Opposition persist to undermine the Duterte. administration.

7- Opposition to walk out during the SONA.

What did I miss?

To which Andres V. Sanchez Jr. agree. “Looks like there is a master plan that includes the Left, US Democrats, anti-Duterte forces with dual citizenship, drug lords, terrorists and other anti-change groups. Who is funding and leading this? Who is the puppeteer?”

Netizen Jane Vargas offers a winning solution. “Declare Martial Law throughout the whole Philippines is the best solution.”

Netizen Vicky F. Gangaramani agrees with Jane Vargas: “These are all destabilization efforts against PRRD. Let’s focus to unite and support PRRD in his fight against drugs, corruption, terrorism and rebellion. If martial law or revolutionary government is what it takes to clean this country, so be it.”

Netizen Antonio Salazar believes the US is orchestrating all these. “US State Department is the unseen hand in all these.”

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