National security expert says Trillanes info linking VM Pulong Duterte to Chinese Triad, a fake? Read why!

As promised, Sen. Trillanes delivered and detonated a bomb against VM Paolo Duterte with a Chinese Triad member allegation.

As shown in the video below, Trillanes tried coaxing VM Duterte to show his Chinese Triad tattoo before the senate floor but failed.

You may watch the video below for your reference.

While Trillanes exuded confidence in front of the TV camera that his Chinese triad allegation against Paolo Duterte had served its purpose of eroding the people’s confidence on President Duterte, a former military officer and national security expert Abe Purugganan took to Facebook pricking Trillanes’ ego bubble.

Mr. Trillianes said that his information came from a foreign country. My question is, is it really from a foreign intelligence agency?

If it is, then Trillianes has no access to such information for they are classified. There is a formal channel for sharing information. Therefore, Trillianes lied.

Trillianes must disclose which country did he get that information.

Now if it is not from the foreign intelligence services or law enforcement units, that information could have come from the TRIAD. If it is from the TRIAD, is Trillianes connected with the TRIAD to have access to such information. And why is a Philippine senator talking to Chinese mafia called the TRIAD? Is he working with the TRIAD, drug syndicates & narco politicians / generals to remove Pres Duterte from office? If this is so, then he is a protector and playing the deception game. So, he lied again.

Not unless he just made up all these information to shame the Duterte family and create public unrest. And so, he lied again and again.

Here’s the take of Purugganan’s social media followers on Trillanes allegation against Paolo Duterte.

Sol Villamin remarked: “If indeed Trillanes has valid and reliable Intelligence information that the Vice Mayor’s tattoo on his back symbolizes the Triad trademark then he should have at least shown the picture of what the tattoo is supposed to look like. If not, then his alleged Intel info is a mere figment of his wild imagination!”

Maureen Rose Mejia-Villar wrote: “The Chinese Triad doesn’t accept membership of NON-Chinese descent. They need to be pure-blooded Chinese. Pulong is already half-German on his Zimmerman side.”

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