NBI catches NAIA personnel with his pants down in the motel; sex for flight modus in NAIA divulged!

Sex for flight not blurred

Benedict Larcibal – certified maniac and corrupt.

After ‘Laglag Bala’ modus, here’s another story that will rock the NAIA management – the sex for flight modus allegedly offered to women wishing to travel, but banned to fly out of the country due to ‘red marks’ on their immigration record.

The ‘red marks’ refers to the record attributed to a traveler with previous history of being offloaded in the past due to questionable documents.

Recently, a NAIA employee was apprehended by the NBI Anti-Human Trafficking Divison via an entrapment operation with his pants down figuratively speaking. The suspect is Benedict Larcibal who was caught inside the motel room in Pasay with the victim.

The suspect did not resist the arresting team.

The marked money amounting to ten thousand pesos was also retrieved by the arresting team from the suspect.

On top of the sex for flight modus, the suspect asked for 35K pesos so that the ‘red marks’ of the traveler or passenger will be deleted from the Immigration record.

According to the victim, she was supposed to fly to Singapore but was offloaded from the airplane. She was then approached by the suspect, Benedict Larcibal, NAIA security personnel, introducing himself as an immigration employee.

The suspect offered his services to the offloaded woman passenger for 35K pesos. In exchange, the ‘red marks’ will be deleted from the records in the immigration attributed to the passenger.

The woman traveler to the proposal of the suspect. But the next day, the suspect has another demand and this time it’s the sex for flight modus.

Unwilling to give in to the demands of the suspect, she reported the modus to the NBI Anti-Human Trafficking Division and an entrapment was planned.

For more details, please watch the video below.

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Source: GMA News


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