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NBI finds 3 irregularities in airport security protocol that makes it prone to tanim-bala

An NBI agent revealed to TV Patrol that 5 NAIA personnel are being investigated regarding the case of American Missionary Lane Michael White, who was allegedly victimized by the ‘tanim-bala’ syndicate in NAIA.

Laglag Bala Suspects

The American missionary Lane Michael White spent 5 days & 6 nights at the PNP Aviation Security Detention Center in Pasay City for refusing to pay the 30-thousand-peso extortion money to the NAIA personnel.

Three policemen from the Aviation Group and two OTS personnel are being investigated for their complicity with the extortion case against the American missionary.

The NBI agent who chose to be anonymous says initial findings reveal 3 irregularities in the airport security protocol that makes it prone to ‘tanim-bala’ scam

Luggage x-rayed seven times raised some eyebrows among NBI investigators

The NBI agent revealed the 5 airport officials asked the young American missionary to put his luggage allegedly bearing the bullet in the x-ray conveyor seven times. The NBI suspects the planting of the bullet could have happened at this juncture.

The five officials denied the accusation of the American Missionary Lane Michael White based on the affidavits they submitted to the National Bureau of Investigation.

Meanwhile, the Manila International Airport Authority continues to sit on the request made by the NBI on Spetember 29, 2015 a copy of the video and the x-ray pertaining to the American missionary ‘tanim-bala’ incident.

The NAIA management replied to the request on October 12 to acknowledge the delivery of the said request.

In addition, the National Bureau of Investigation also requested for a copy of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) followed by airport security personnel in the event a passenger’s luggage is suspected to be carrying a prohibited item, in this case, a bullet.

The NBI agent is asking if indeed the airport protocol says to repeat the x-ray procedure seven times when a bullet is spotted on the screen monitor.

Airport security personnel are allowed to touch the luggage of passengers

Furthermore, the NBI agent is wondering if airport security personnel are also allowed to touch the things of the passenger.

No search stick

The NBI agent also revealed the absence of a search stick; airport security personnel search the luggage of passengers manually.

The search stick eliminates the suspicion that the searcher will be planting evidence to the unsuspecting passenger.

You may watch the video now, courtesy of TV Patrol

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