Near fatal drowning accident turns comedy during flash flood caused by TD Crising gone viral

This viral video of a girl, a carabao and his uncle who almost drown in a raging flood has gone viral online.

The video was uploaded on Facebook by Irish Ong on April 17, 2017 to serve as a warning to netizens not to underestimate the force of Mother Nature.

In the video, a young fellow can be heard shouting to her uncle with all her might not to cross the raging flood because she pitied the carabao might not make it to other side of the shore safely.

Lol. She is not worried about her uncle that much. I wonder how her uncle will react after watching the video on Facebook.

However, the uncle did not heed her warning and continued with the crossing aboard the carabao.

Before the carabao could even reach the mid-part of the river where the current was strongest, the carabao panicked and turned around.

But the strong current proved too much for the carabao and the animal was sliding downstream.

Sensing danger, the uncle bailed out and jumped for safety towards the shore.

Fortunately, the carabao managed to crawl back to safety together with his owner.

Here’s the transcript of the dialogue in the video in the Cebuano dialect.

“O hala kaluoy sa kabaw ouh… kusog kaayo ang baha mulabang ka… dili lagi na kalabang kul luoy lang na imong kabaw ..daku jud ang baha basig maanod paka kul….hala hala ayaw nalang lagi labang…Hala ang kabaw ang tawo. Tabangi ninyo.. hala kaluoy sa kalabaw oi.”

As of this writing, the video has gathered a whopping 32,716 shares, 18,181 reactions, 6,315 comments and more than 1 millions views on Facebook.

Moral lesson: Don’t underestimate the power of Mother Nature.


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