Neophyte Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa says restoration of death penalty for illegal drug traffickers his #1 priority

Neophyte Senator Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa wants to send a strong message to reform or find a new job, otherwise, a firing squad awaits them in Luneta.

Dela Rosa issued the chilling warning during a press conference at Camp Crame just recently.

When asked by one of the reporters who attended the Crame press conference if he will support the restoration of death penalty, the neophyte senator responded that he will not only support death penalty but he will strongly campaign for the restoration of the death penalty.

Bato explained he is for death penalty because that was his campaign promise and he has no plan of reneging his promise to the Filipinos who put him where he is now.

However, Senator “Bato” was adamant he supports the death penalty, particularly drug traffickers in possession of illegal drugs (shabu) at least 1 kilo at the time of apprehension.

When pressed for comment regarding the small time pushers or drug peddlers, Senator “Bato” assured the public the death penalty will not target them.

When asked if the death penalty applies to individuals convicted of rape, Senator “Bato” said he does not see it as a priority as far as he concerned.

Senator “Bato” believed that the restoration of the death penalty, particularly the drug traffickers is a deterrent.

“Bato” admitted he got the idea after talking to convicted drug traffickers while serving as the Bilibid Prison director.

The convicted drug traffickers revealed to him that they like to operate in the Philippines because unlike many of our neighbors in Asia, the Philippines do not impose death penalty to drug traffickers.

When pressed for answer regarding the mode of dispensing justice to convicted drug traffickers. “Bato” replied he will consult with his colleagues but clarified if he had his way, he wants death by firing squad in Luneta in full view of the public to discourage others from following the footsteps of the drug traffickers.

When “Bato” was asked what if the CHR reacts on the proposal, the neophyte senator said he doesn’t care and let them react because it’s their job.

On UNCHR? Senator “Bato” said he will them to mind their own country and leave us alone.

You may watch the video, courtesy of News5 below.


FIRING SQUAD | Muling binigyang diin ni Senator-elect Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa ang pagsusulong ng death penalty para sa mga convicted drug trafficker sa bansa. Nais din niyang isalang sa firing squad ang mga ito nang hindi na gayahin pa. Bukod sa mga ito, may komento rin ang dating hepe ng PNP laban sa United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights. For more latest stories, visit us at

Posted by News5 on Wednesday, June 26, 2019

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