Netizen accuses Human Rights Watch of attacking BBM for relevancy and to keep money flowing from international donors?

Social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes wasted no time in accusing the Human Rights Watch of attacking BBM even before he could assume the presidency because of ulterior motives.

In a Facebook post, Reyes rebuked the Human Rights Watch for already starting to BBM what they did to PRRD in the last 6 years. How? The same tactic of weaponizing human rights issues like journalists getting harassed and not given access to the information they want from the President, this time the presumptive president. They immediately run to the international community, rights-respecting countries and associations of journalists and report that BBM is a threat to democracy. They urged the donor countries and international community to fight the harassment of Marcos admin.

Reyes reminded the Human Rights Watch that they are so wrong in so many levels.

First and foremost, this is still under the Duterte administration.

Second, almost all of the major media and broadcasting companies have attacked the Marcoses left and right throughout the campaign, so they can’t expect the Marcoses to trust them.

At this juncture, Reyes accused the Human Rights Watch for going this low for the sake of the multi-million grants, funds, investments, & donations from donor-countries and organizations.

And finally, assured the Human Rights Watch that if PBBM tramples upon the freedom and rights of its people, she and fellow BBM supporters will make noise and fight his administration. Until then, Reyes told Human Rights Watch to stay in the background and just support but remain vigilant and most of all – refrain from black propaganda.

You may now read MJ Reyes’ original FB post.

Oi, Human Rights Watch & lamestream media, ano na naman yan? Di pa nga nakakaupo yung mama ay ginagawa nyo na sa kanya ang ginawa nyo ng 6 yrs kay Pangulong Duterte. Sinisira nyo na agad at nanawagan pa talaga kayo sa mga donor countries at int’l community na labanan ang “panggigipit ng administrasyong Marcos at kalayaan sa pamamahayag”. Tindi nyo rin! 🤥🤥🤥

Una, nasa Duterte admin pa tayo, ui!

Pangalawa, halos lahat nga ng major media and broadcasting companies left and right ang tira sa mga Marcoses all through out the campaign. Kaya wala ng tiwala sa inyo ang taumbayan, eh.

How low can many of you go just to stay relevant and get those multi million grants, funds, investments, & donations from donor-countries and organizations?

Pangatlo, kung sakali man na babalahurain ng susunod na administrasyon ang kalayaan at ang kapakanan ng taumbayan, kami mismo ang unang mag iingay at lalaban. But until then, manahimik muna, sumuporta, at manatiling mapagmatyag at mapanuri – at huwag mapanira!

Human Rights Watch is a non-profit NGO who receives funding from various sources. [Link here]


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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