Netizen admits questioning Duterte’s 2016 campaign strategy, like refusing money from Oligarchs but now he understands the wisdom of it all

FB blogger Noel Sarifa talked about his questioning Duterte’s election campaign strategy but it is only now that he realized the wisdom behind it in his latest FB post.

Sarifa said everything is clear to him now. For example, when Duterte refused to accept money from the Oligarchs, he wondered how could he won without money. Looking back, he wished Duterte accepted the money and spend it on election materials. but he was wrong. “It is only now that it totally makes sense to me. President Duterte refuses election fund from well-known oligarch noong election campaign lagi nyang sinasabi yan. Napapaisip tuloy ako, kasi sa election kapag wala kang pera di ka mananalo. Sa isip ko, I am hoping na sana tanggapin nya yung offer, so they can blast yong election materials nya, but I was wrong.”

Sarifa called it a good strategy because the common people, in the spirit of volunteerism, rallied behind him and donated their time and money to produce campaign materials for Duterte. “It is a good strategy kasi yong mga tao, nag-ambag-ambag at nagkaroon ng sariling diskarte. Remember he was the poorest among the presidentiable. People with their own initiative come up with their own campaign materials.”

Sarifa recalled why Duterte wants to project himself as pro-poor during the 2016 election campaign. Why? Because PRRD had a plan – go after the Oligarchs freely without fear since he owed him nothing. “Noon akala ko gusto nya lang talaga maging banner yong pagiging pro poor, but now I totally understand. May plano talaga syang ibulgar at panagutin ang mga oligarch sa kanilang pananamantala sa bayan. He already envisioned what will happen if he ever wins, he will go after them. Since he does not owe them anything, he can freely expose them and singilin sila sa mga pagkakautang nila sa gobyerno.”

Sarifa said he thought then that drug money flooded to prevent him from winning but realized now that he was mistaken. The Oligarchs also contributed money to stop Duterte from winning because they feared what Duterte can do to them, which turned out to be true. “I thought it was only drug money that was used against him, kasi banner nya talaga noong election ang campaign against war on drugs. Kaya pala ang daming perang lumabas to campaign against him, it was also funded by oligarch who knows they are in danger if Duterte is elected. Alam nilang ang daming perang mawawala hindi lamang sa mga drug syndicate pati na rin sa mga Oligarch na hindi nagbabayad ng buwis at may mga maanomalyang contract sa gobyerno.”

Sarifa couldn’t help but ask how did former BIR Commissioner Kim Henares missed the billions of taxes owed by the Oligarchs but went hard at Pacquiao? Now he understands, Henares use Pacquiao as a smokescreen to hide the bigger fishes in the ocean so to speak. “How did Henares, missed this? Kung makapagpasikat si Henares kakapaningil kay Pacquiao dati akala mo yun na ang may pinakamalaking uncollectable tax sa gobyerno, yun pala palabas lang pala yun para pagtakpan ang mas malalaking utang ng kanilang padreno. Para ipakita kuno na nagtatrabaho sya, it was all for a show.”

Sarifa remarked that the biggest revelations was how the Oligarchs are funding the Presidentiables not for the best interest of the country in their minds but to hide their sins against the people. “Big revelations! Oligarch are funding Presidentiables, not because they wanted the best interest for the people and the country but to hide their unscrupulous deeds.”

Sarifa ended the FB post by leaving an important message to the public, especially that in 2022, we will be electing a new leader. “Next Presidential Elections let’s watch out for those Presidentiable, funded by an oligarch, we all know what to do, DO NOT VOTE FOR THEM, para kang bumoto sa ikakasakit ng ulo ng bansa at ng bulsa mo.”

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Source: Noel Sarifa

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