Netizen appeals on Facebook: PLEASE! Baka may makakita ng Toyota Hilux (Black) BTF 740

A concerned netizen took to Facebook enlisting the help of social media in locating the owner of black Toyota Hilux with plate number BTF 740.

Facebook user Boriz Vicente witnessed the black Toyota Hilux sped away after bumping the female pedestrian in front of SM Bacoor Cavite at 8:54pm on February 2, 2017.

Vicente said he was at the pedestrian lane in SM Bacoor preparing to cross when a slow moving black Toyota Hilux emerged from Aguinaldo Highway heading towards Binakayan.

Vicente said the Toyota Hilux was in front of STI, near the bridge, moving at around 40kph when he commenced crossing. Another pedestrian, a female in black shirt, clutching takeout McDonald’s followed him. Click¬†here¬†for reference.

Vicente remembered the black Toyota pickup up speed estimated it 60-80 kph as he approaches the end of the pedestrian lane, prompting him to make a run to the end of the pedestrian lane while carrying his heavy guitar.

He said he felt the wind behind him and when he looked back, he heard a loud sound that got the attention of other pedestrians and the woman behind him was thrown 30-50 meters away from the pedestrian lane.

Vicente said that the driver of the black Toyota Hilux stopped momentarily but sped away immediately, fearing the woman she just bumped died on impact.

Other onlookers approached the unconscious victim but to their surprised, the woman stood up as if nothing happened.

The woman showed bruises on both thighs, a cut on her leg and nothing more.

When asked if she felt pain anywhere on her body, the woman said none except her chest.

Vicente remarked that woman might not be any feeling pain at that moment because of what had happened.

He said because of the shock, he forgot to ask the girl’s name.

Before ending his post, Vicente had a word for the reckless driver of black Toyota Hilux:

“Una sa lahat hindi ka pwedeng magpatakbo ng ganoong kabilis sa pedestrian. Hindi ko alam kung paano nakakuha ng lisensya yung taong nakabangga. Sana kung may makapansin ipagbigay alam nalang para maturuan ng leksyon sa kinauukulan.”

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Source Boriz Vicente

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