Netizen asks Maria Ressa, Leni, free speech advocates if they called out government when Cory Aquino sued journalists of libel like they are now?

In the wake of the Court of Appeals decision upholding the Maria Ressa and her writer for cyber libel, the popular mantra on social media among free speech advocates is “defend press freedom”.

Speaking of “defend press freedom”, social media influencer MJ Quiambao Reyes can’t help but make “sumbat” or upbraid the people who are crying press freedom now because of Maria Ressa by asking if Maria Ressa, Leni and all these free speech advocates called out the government in 1987 and 1992?

If you’re wondering why Reyes specifically mentioned these years, please check the screenshot photo below to get the answer to your question.

Reyes also cited the case of Iloilo journalist and blogger Boy Mejorada and asked if they ran to his defense when he got convicted by libel with Senator Drilon as complainant?

Reyes clarified she is in favor of decriminalizing libel and cyber libel even way back then. However, she confessed she cannot fully rejoice on Ressa’s conviction even when Ressa bashed her and called her dork (socially inept person) is that she is consistent in her stand when it comes to free speech. But the same cannot be said of Ressa and company because they only cry foul when they are at the receiving end of the law. She said Ressa and company have this grave double standard!


Did Maria Ressa, Leni, & all these so-called free speech advocates call out the gov’t in 1987 & 1992?

Did they come to Boy Mejorada’s rescue when he got convicted of libel last year with no less than Sen. Drilon as complainant?

I am for decriminalizing libel & cyber libel. Dati pa man. Reason why I cannot fully rejoice on Ressa’s conviction even when this woman bashed me and called me dork (after cowardly blocking me on Twitter). Consistent ako sa stand ko when it comes to free speech. Habang sila, they’ll only cry foul pag sila na ang na-convict. Ang tindi ng double standard!


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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