Netizen asks re Leni Robredo: ‘Hindi man lang ba sumagi sa isip ni Leni anong ginawa ni Noynoy mismo sa yumaong asawa nya?’

ICYMI, Leni Robredo has been groping for answer why President Duterte would appoint her as co-chair of ICAD if the President does not trust her in the first place?

Do check out meme the below courtesy Philippine Star, showing side by side Leni Robredo’s words versus the reply of Malacanang Spokesman Sal Panelo to the former’s question.

If Panelo’s explanation was not enough for Leni Robredo to grasp, perhaps the FB post of political blogger “The Political Labandera” might help in driving home the point to Leni Robredo.

“Political Labandera” wrote on Facebook that Leni should look no farther to find the answer she’s searching but by revisiting the circumstances of her husband’s appointment as DILG Secretary though PNoy did not trust him. In fact, Rico Puno (PNoy’s kabarilan) Jesse Robredo’s Undersecretary was entrusted with the PNP when PNoy split the DILG into two, Jesse was the head of the first half while Puno ruled the remaining half.

“Well, yung yumaong asawa ni Leni na si Jesse Robredo inappoint nga ni Noynoy as DILG Secretary noon pero hindi pala cya ang pinagkatiwalaan ni Noynoy na mamuno sa mga kapulisan kasi nilagay ni Noynoy ang PNP under kay Undersecretary Rico E. Puno na kabarilan nya (ni Noynoy).”

Meaning, wala talagang tiwala si Noynoy sa asawa ni Leni dahil HINATI ni Noynoy ang tanggapan ng DILG noon between her husband and Puno. (Nung lumabas ang balita na nag crash ang eroplanong sinasakyan ni Jesse…si Delima at Puno ang pumunta sa condo unit ni Robredo sa QC, pinabuksan ito at hinalungkat mga gamit dun na parang may hinahanap…and this was all happening when hindi pa mare-recover katawan ni Robredo sa dagat! According to Leni herself, hinayaan nalang nya sina Delima and Puno to enter their condo without her supervision kasi “tuliro” na cya during those times.)

When the news the plane of Leni’s husband crashed into the sea, De Lima and Puno went to Jesse’s condo unit in QC and turned it upside down, apparently looking for something, all this happened while the search and retrieve operation was still on going. And Leni allowed this because according to her, she was still in shock and not thinking straight.

Political Labandera joked that PRRD appointed her to ICAD despite trust issues because he gets the pleasure out of it.

Tapos ngayon nagtatanong si Leni bakit cya inappoint kung wala naman palang trust si PRRD sa kanya? Trip nya lang, Leni.

“Political Labandera” found it weird that it never crossed Leni’s mind what PNoy did to her husband and asked if she can’t remember it or simply forgot about it?

Anyway, what I find strange is…hindi man lang ba sumagi sa isip ni Leni anong ginawa ni Noynoy mismo sa yumaong asawa nya? Can’t she remember? She forgot?

The Political Labandera ended the FB post by joking that TRUST is not only a brand of COND*M but it also mean other things.

Madam, ang TRUST ay hindi lang brand ng condom. Pramis.

Your comment on this?

Source: The Political Labandera

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