Netizen blames Yorme Isko for contracting covid-19: “Pati vaccination activities ginawang meet & greet campaign”

Isko Moreno tests positive sa kakakampanya sa ciudad niya. Pati vaccination activities ginawang meet & greet campaign.

This is the take of entrepreneur and blogger Carlo de Leon in the wake of news report that Yorme Isko tested positive for covid-19.

De Leon pointed out that government officials like Yorme Isko should be the role model to their constituents like practicing proper health protocols.

Here’s the thing. Government officials should be the first best example to their constituents on practicing the proper health protocols so that the people can emulate their behavior.

In light of this developement, De Leon remarked that Yorme Isko is now presented with a difficult dilemma when it comes to convincing his constituents to follow health protocols.

Now, why will I listen to this mayor when it comes to protecting oneself? Na covid nga eh, so he doesn’t know how to defend himself. Well, it could always be argued that he did everything, but still contracted covid. But that is even worse, it only means healthy safety protocols don’t really work.

De Leon’s FB post has generated some of Yorme’s critics who did not let the opportunity to pass without hitting him.

Does Isko truly understands and grasp the meaning of “leading by example”? I don’t think so😂 wrote one netizen.

This netizen chided Yorme for refusing to go on quarantine and unnecessarily exposed other people after he was exposed to his Vice Mayor who tested positive earlier.

At exposed siya sa vice mayor niya, he is supposed to be under 14 days quarantine pero nagpabida parin..

tama, how can he encourage others when he himself can’t even practice, chimed in another.

Replied another netizen: precisely..! pag puro kyaw kyaw lang naman talaga ang alam eh ayan ganyan talaga manyayare sa kanya..😅

Sa sobrang OA DRAMA at mala teleseryeng eksena mo yorme sa pulitika dinamin alam kung totoo ba yan o drama lang kaya dinamin alam kung maniniwala kami o hindi, a doubting netizen shared his take on the matter.

Mahirap talaga pag matalino..may sariling mundo..sabi nya ibigay face shield sa hospital kasi pahirap sa trabaho.. guys ang face mask face shield ang tanging protective na suot na malaking tulong sa atin kaya dont take it lightly, a netizen chided Yorme for belittling the face shield policy of IATF.


Source: Carlo de Leon

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