Netizen blasts De Lima after the latter blasted SocGen Calida regarding viral photo with Jaybee Sebastian

A post blasting Senator Delima for turning a blind eye to the “kubols” of VIP prisoners of Bilibid during her DOJ days is making the rounds online.

In a Facebook post, netizen Sass Rogando Sasot rebuke Senator De Lima for playing ignorant about the luxury “kubols” when as early as 2012, the lady Senator conducted an inspection in Bilibid in her capacity as the DOJ Secretary.

The post has generated more than 400 times and 900 likes 11 hours after it was posted.

Check out the post of Ms. Sasot below entitled “De Lima – Bullshit”


In December 2014, then Department of Justice Secretary led a mission to check if the mission to reclaim the New Bilibid Prison (NBP) from drug lords was going well. This mission is supposed to be the instruction of President Aquino. Part of the mission is “to dismantle and destroy all signs of luxurious living by high-profile inmates had been carried out.”

She said: “She was ‘generally satisfied’ with the dismantling operations being conducted by the NBP management following her inspection of the quarters of inmates Peter Co, Jojo Baligad, Herbert Colangco, Imam Boratong and Tony Co.”

The Inquirer reported:
“After the inspection, De Lima had a closed-door meeting with the gang leaders at the maximum-security compound, Commando Gang leaders JB Sebastian and Christopher Soliva of Batang City Jail.
De Lima earlier said the prison gangs at NBP provided protection to the high-profile drug convicts. She said gang leaders would conduct biddings to vie to be the protector of a new inmate, particularly those convicted for illegal drugs.

De Lima asked for the cooperation of the leaders to ensure that no untoward incident would happen because of the removal of the high-profile inmates and the dismantling of the VIP prisoners’ luxurious quarters.
She also told the gang leaders to voluntarily surrender all contraband in their possession. They have been given until Christmas Eve to comply.”

What’s wrong with that picture? Jaybee Sebastian is one of the most influential Drug Lords in the NBP. You are asking the cooperation of an influential Drug Lord to help you regarding an operation against his OWN business? BULLSHIT!

Saka bakit 2014 ka lang nag-raid ng mga Kubol? February 2013 nagpalabas na ang Discovery Channel, take note hindi local channel ha, DISCOVERY CHANNEL, about these luxury kubols ng mga drug lords doon, featuring Sebastian na nasa picture na iyan. Sya pa nga ang nag-bida ng picture na yan noon sa host.

At noong 2012, pumunta ka na sa Bilibid diba at nag-inspection???? So don’t tell me hindi mo alam noong na may luxury kubol na? (

Source: Sass Rogando Sasot

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