Netizen blogger calls senators who questioned Duterte’s power before SC “Tuta ng Kano”, but silent during PDAF/DAP controversy during PNoy’s time

FB blogger aka The Political Labandera or TPL for short has called the move of the so-called “The Questioning Quartet” unprecedented for the sake of saving the onerous VFA Treaty with the Americans.

TPL opened the post by sharing an anecdote about the length she went through just to write this because she was banned from accessing Rappler. “This screengrab was sent to me last night. Nope, couldn’t grab this one myself from cRappler because I’m banned from their site. Long story. Scrotum Face hates me too. But the feeling is mutual. 😂”

TPL introduced the group which she nicknamed to avoid confusion. Anyway, here’s the…what I’ll be calling, THE Questioning Quartet”.

TPL described the members of the Quartet using colorful words. Composed of the Pinoy version of Elmer Fudd; one of the Eskalera Bros from Wanbol Univ.; PINGky ang DIYOSA NG mga Unverified Info; and, of course, last, but not the least, The poster boy of Narcolepsy himself, always caught on cam “Meditating” Frank.

Moving forward, TPL accused the members of the Quartet of being Tuta ng Kano or America’s pet dogs for doing an unprecedented move. “What these 4 senators (from the Legislature) have done…going to the SC (the Judiciary), asking it to “define” the powers of the Philippine President (from the Executive) is, for me, an unprecedented move. All in the obvious effort to save the onerous VFA “Treaty” with the Americans. Graveh. So, sinong Tuta ng Kano again?”

TPL said that as far as her memory is concerned, no senators have done this to a sitting President. “Never in MY recent memory (and my memory is very good even with the lack of oxygen at the moment due to my asthma) can I recall THIS move being done by senators to any sitting President before PRRD; this questioning of the powers of a Head of State. Wala eh. Wala akong maalala talaga. Remind nyo ako kung may ma-recall kayo. Anyway again.”

TPL recalled when the Noynoy Aquino was the President and Abad his Budget Secretary violated the Constitution by moving funds as they wished without following the budgetary protocols of the Legislative which TPL said was Unconstitutional, the senators did not lift a finger or call out PNoy. “The Senate didn’t do THIS during the DAP/PDAF Controversy back when Noynoy Aquino was President…wherein the Slacker and Boy Abad treated the Legislature as if it was their personal wallet…moving funds wherever they want, whenever they want, giving to allies or withholding from political enemies…moves made by the Executive WITHOUT following budgetary protocols of the Legislative. Remember? Most Legislators back then weren’t interested in calling out Noynoy and Abad that what they did with the national budget was UNCONSTITUTIONAL! YAWA.”

TPL ended the post by downplaying Gordon’s justification of questioning before the SC the unilateral move of Malacanang to terminate VFA because they don’t want absolutism in government. “Now, THIS. First time. Onli in the Philippines. Absolutism my ass. Paksyet!”

One netizen said it best that senators then re DAP/PDAF did not question it because they benefited from it. “the senators back then did not question because all of them benefited from the DAP/PDAF. it was just unlucky for Revilla, Estrada and Enrile that only the three of them were charged when in fact all of those who voted for the impeachment of CJ Corona benifited. we all know what kind of senator Sotto is, Ping Lacson, Drilon and Gordon they have one thing in common trying to be relevant trying to be smart when they all are not compared to President Duterte.”

This netizen was more frank in one’s comment. “Pasakan kaba naman ng P100M kung papalag kapa! I only trust PRRD of all the politicians. The old man can’t be bought and he is the only one after Marcos who has a rock solid political will that even the untouchable Oligarchs are now being battered! Rappler? Ang naniniwala sa Rappler ay katulad lang sa naniniwala sa DEMONYO!”

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Source: The Political Labandera

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