Netizen blogger deduces important lessons learned after Pres. Duterte stood eyeball to eyeball versus Canada and won!

As per news report from mainstream media, the Canadian government chartered ship MV Bavaria has sailed back to North American, taking with it Canada’s trash.

Noel Landero Sarifa, a pro-Duterte government Facebook blogger, announced this piece of good news to his social media followers.

Sarifa asked his followers “What have we learned from here?” to engage and get his followers’ inputs.

Of course, Sarifa shared what he thinks are important lessons the Filipinos have learned from President Duterte’s unconventional but effective approach on how to force big countries (Canada? bow down to small countries like the Philippines.

First, this sends a strong message not just to Canada but to the world that we are not the world’s dump site.

Second, first world countries cannot just take us lightly. We deserve respect and they should take accountability.

Third lesson, Canada’s Prime Minister has no word of honor. He ignored President Duterte’s request and pretended to act on it. When the tide of public opinion was turning against Canada, PM Trudeau shifted gear and give in to the Philippines request. In other words, Canada applied delaying tactics hoping the Philippines forget about it and wait for the next administration to assume power. However, Sarifa said, they forgot that the Philippine President is a Duterte who would take no for an answer, especially when national interest is at stake.

Fourth, Duterte loved the Philippines and he won’t allow other countries to abuse it.

Fifth, the Philippines can fight for what it believe is right, especially against bigger countries that treat us with disdain because we are a small country.

Sixth, we can be a role models for the world. That is why, small countries who are being used as dumping ground of 1st world countries are doing something to stop and send back the trash to their country of origin.

Seventh, political will can make a huge difference.

“This will be written in our books and world history, that once Philippines stood her ground, and other countries abide,” Sarifa added.

The question now that begs answer, how many foreign trash that have escaped the public’s eyes, financially exploited and buried somewhere in the country?

Sarifa said that through this, we will know who really loved our country or the President who stood up for our country that we are not their dump site and send them back to the country of origin?

Sarifa ended the post with the hashtag “#indibasurahanAngBayanKo”.

Check out the screenshot of Sarifa’s FB post below.

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