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Netizen blogger dispels critics’ perception PRRD friends only to Chinese, he’s a friend to Vietnamese fishermen too!

The major complaint of the opposition camp and their supporters is that, PRRD is very scared of antagonizing the Chinese government that is why he is turning a blind eye to Chinese fishermen poaching in our EEZ.

Manila Bulletin writer and blogger Krizette Laureta Chu said this isn’t true.

Chu lamented the LP supporters, especially the so-called woke followers, only listen to themselves and have no sense of the big picture.

Chu accused the LP supporters of knowing issues that PAB (Pinoy Ako Blog) writes and triggers them with.

In other words, they don’t know the entire truth and they have no sense of history.

On this note, Chu gave the LP supporters a refresher course and ample proofs that Duterte is not anybody’s lapdog.

Chu was referring to PRRD’s gesture of sending home the Vietnamese fishermen caught fishing illegally withing our EEZ as a gesture of mercy and compassion.

Chu this happened in several occasions. In fact, Chu remarked that PRRD had an internal agreement with the Vietnamese government that no arrest will happen in the event they catches their respective fishermen poaching illegally in each other’s waters.

Chu declared this is PRRD the diplomat in action.

Now that the PRRD allows the Chinese fishermen to fish in our waters, the LP and their supporters are furious, Chu decried.

Chu wonders how will they react that PRRD also allows the Vietnamese to fish in our waters?

Chu hit the double standard of the so-called wokes who are conveniently using the Constitution because this involves the Chinese. However, in 2016 and 2017, no one bothered to protest wildly when the Vietnamese caught poaching in our waters were sent home by PRRD.

Chu said PNoy did nothing when the Zambales fishermen were harassed, and threatened at gun point. But under the Duterte admin, our fishermen are now able to fish in the WPS because PRRD have extended a friendly gesture to our Asian neighbors.

Chu said this wasn’t the case during the PNoy admin who had shown an aggressive stance in the disputed territories, thus earning the ire of the Chinese, making our fishermen starved of hunger because they can’t go out to fish in the WPS for antagonizing the Chinese.

You may start reading Chu’s full FB post now.


Alam niyo bakit mabilis maloko ng LP yung mga pa-woke followers nila?

Kasi these people only listen to them and have no sense of the big picture. They only know issues that PAB writes and triggers them with, hindi nila alam ang buong katotohanan at wala silang sense of history.

For another history refresher course and as another proof that Duterte is Duterte, and not anybody’s lapdog, here’s the President sending off with mercy and compassion Vietnamese fishermen caught poaching in our waters not just once but a couple of times, at least captured by media.

Ganyan ka diplomatic si Duterte. Ngayon nagwawala kayo that Duterte allows Chinese fishermen in our waters? Well, Duterte also allows Vietnamese fishermen in our waters!

He had an agreement with the Viet government that walang arrest na mangyayari if they each caught their respective fishermen “poaching” in their waters. It’s an internal agreement, hindi na nilagay sa constitution. Ok Lang ba? Ok Lang mas maraming inaangkin ang Vietnamese kesa sa Chinese Pero Duterte did not let that get in the way of common good?

Kasi gusto din nya that how he treats other nationalities, ganon din ang pag trato ng ibang leaders sa fishermen natin.

So ngayon gagamitin nyo yung Constitution kasi Chinese pero nung 2016, 2017 wala namang nagwawala nung pinakawalan yung Vietnamese. SUBUKAN natin sa Chinese fishermen na pakawalan at magwawala tong pa mga pa-woke na akala mo alam na alam ang context.


Let’s consider this a problem if the Chinese fishermen do what they did during Pnoy’s time, which is when they actually threatened our fishermen with guns, which has NEVER happened under Duterte because we are not considered enemies.

May nagawa ba si Pnoy nung time na pinalayas yung mga taga Zambales na mangingisda? Wala. Kasi he had no inkling nor concept of true diplomacy. You attack with aggression, your people will suffer aggression from the more powerful enemy/

Puro kasi pa starring ang Aquino government habang nagugutom yung mga mangingisda na sa gabi na lang maglalayag kasi takot sa mga Chinese. Puro pa show of aggression while his people starved.

O ano nagawa ninyo at nang mga papel ninyo? WALA.

Common sense and real diplomacy is at work during the Duterte government, and if you still have no common sense at your age, wala kaming magagawa, pero try mo naman I contextualize lahat ng issues sa bigger picture hindi puro China ang bukambibig ninyo.

Kung pwede ang Vietnamese sa inyo, na Mas marami silang kinocontest na pag Aari natin, bakit hindi pwede ang Chinese? Kasi mga racist kayo? Tatanga ever.

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