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Netizen blogger explains why President Duterte declared w@r vs the oligarchs and even wants to send one of their kind to jail

In a Facebook post published yesterday, netizen blogger Noel Landero Sarifa reflects how fucked up we are nation, like we’re living a big lie thinking we are a democracy after removing a dictator but in reality, the oligarchs have ruled the country since then using politicians as their proxies.

In the same FB post, Sarifa remarked that now we know why President Duterte refused to accept election campaign donations from the country’s oligarchs, he couldn’t help but ask who among the politicians who received financial support during elections from the oligarchs had the same arrangement or understanding just like the ones enjoyed by the water concessionaires (Maynilad and Manila Water).

Sarifa posed some provocative questions intended to force his readers to question whether the Senators they voted in last election are representing their interest or the Oligarchs. For example, how many billions of pesos were lost from the National Treasury? Who are the incumbent senators who will defend the Oligarchs because of debt of gratitude from the oligarchs?

Sarifa reckoned that these senators who received money from the oligarchs will be shameless to defend their Oligarch patrons in public because their line of thinking is that, they don’t care at all about ordinary Filipinos because to them, repaying their debt of gratitude to their oligarchs patrons is all that matters.

Thai is why Sarifa believed President Duterte wants to set an example and send am oligarch to jail, to show that the oligarchs are not above the law.

Sarifa stated these Oligarchs have been toying the public around at the palm of their hands. They not only control the wealth of the country, they also think they are above our laws, our politicians and Filipinos past and present were under their control. After all, there was no Democracy and it was all a BIG LIE. Sarifa asked if they are still proud of EDSA (people power) in light of what we know now.

Sarifa ended the post with another thought-provoking question. But before that he uttered that we Filipinos thought we have been freed from the clutches of a Dictator only to be feed to the Oligarch crocodiles.

Ang tanong Diktador ba talaga o gawagawa lang ng mga buwaya?

You may read Noel Landero Sarifa’s original FB post below.

Ngayon alam na natin kung bakit ayaw tumanggap ni President Duterte ng tulong sa mga Oligarch noong panahon ng election. All this years lahat ng politicians na sinuportahan ng mga oligarch, alin kaya sa kanila ang nagkaroon ng mga ganitong kasunduan tulad ng nangyayari ngayon sa mga water concessionaires.

Ilang Billion kaya ang nawala sa kaban ng bayan? Sino sa mga senador ngayon ang magiging tagapagtanggol ng mga oligarch dahil sa utang na loob? Bahala na ang taumbayan, wala naman silang pakialam sa atin ang importante sa kanila e mabayaran ang utang na loob nila sa mga gumastos sa kanila noong election.

Kaya gustong sampulan ni Duterte na makulong ang oligarch, para ipakita na they are not above the state anymore.

Pinapaikot lang tayo ng mga Oligarch sa kanilang palad, hindi lang pala nila hawak ang yaman ng bansa, hawak nila ang batas, ang lahat ng politiko noon at lahat ng Pilipino, after all there was no Democracy it was all a BIG LIE. Proud ka pa rin ba sa EDSA?

Nakawala daw sa Diktador para ipakain sa mga buwayang oligarch. Ang tanong Diktador ba talaga o gawagawa lang ng mga buwaya?

Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

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