Netizen blogger Noel Sarifa calls people who hates this government “loser”. Read why!

An uncompromising Noel Landero Sarifa, a staunch Duterte supporter on social media, declared on Facebook, “Whoever hates this government is a loser.”

Sarifa probably made that generalization out of frustration because according to him “previous administrations keeps on promising in resolving traffic and even betting of getting run by a train none of it was ever a reality.”

Sarifa remarked that the Duterte administration has been making the most of the situation sans the emergency powers requested from Senator Grace Poe to resolve the monstrous traffic by building highways, skyways, state of the art terminals, almost finish news train stations and line, rehabilitated Ferry boat service in Pasig and pushing for jeepney modernization and lately, welcomed the Dalian trains despite the delay into service and the arrival of new sets of PNR trains.

Today in Duterte’s term, we had the most changes and improvement in transportation in Philippine history. Grace Poe refuse to give the president the emergency power he needed but the Administration did not stop in resolving the monstrous traffic. We have highways and skyways constructed and completed almost every month, airports built and rehabilitated all over the country, state of the art bus terminal and almost finish new train stations and line, rehabilitated Ferry Boat in Pasig. Jeepneys modernized.Now we are able to use the Dalian train that we have waited for a very long time, new sets of train for PNR.

Sarifa said clearly Duterte is fulfilling his promise of making the lives of Filipinos comfortable even if he did not promise to have himself overr*n by train, even if he cussed but producing results.

Indeed Duterte is fulfilling his promise in making our lives comfortable, kahit hindi sya nangakong magpapasagasa sa train, kahit nagmumura pero may resulta. Maraming maraming salamat President Duterte and all of your cabinet members for working 24/7 in making this country a better Philippines!

Sarifa ended the brie FB post asking Filipinos that come next election, we should choose someone who is up for the job, someone who can continue and maintain the hard work the Duterte administration has put in. Be a wise voter, don’t be tempted by the glitter of money, otherwise, we will endure again for a long time.

“I am asking all Filipino that this coming election the next President will have a big shoe to fill in lets make sure the next president is up for the job or else lahat ng to mababalewala. Let us elect a President who can continue and maintain lahat ng pinaghirapan ng Duterte Administation. Maging matalinong Botante, wag masilaw sa pera, o matagal nanaman tayong magdudusa.”

Do you agree with Noel Sarifa’s post?

Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

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