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Netizen blogger on PRRD’s a handling of the Recto Bank incident: “That was the right and the best thing to do then.”

While critics have been hard on President Duterte for refusing to speak up versus China in the wake of the sinking of Filipino fishing vessel, courtesy of a Chinese boat in the WPS, this netizen blogger have nothing but nice words for PRRD.

MJ Quiambao Reyes, a staunch supporter of PRRD on social media, has taken to Facebook to defend the president from critics who have a field day making jeering comments versus PRRD.

Comments like, “Where is the President who wants to go to war versus Canada because of trash but now silent against China who just sank a fishing vessel in the WPS, within our EEZ?” have been a common sight when reading the comments on Facebook.

Reyes said she did not make any premature commentary on social media without getting enough information about the issue.

Reyes remarked that it is just right for the government to:

✓ Condemn the China vessel & its crew for their cowardly action of abandoning our Filipino fishermen.

✓ Demand compensation for the 22 Filipino fishermen from the responsible entities.

On this note, Reyes lauded PRRD for delegating his lieutenants to handle the matter in his behalf and avoid making bombastic comments that may do more harm than good.

Reyes reminded the Filipino public of two embarrassing incidents involving foreigners who died in the Philippines and yet their respective governments did not declared war versus the Philippines despite the strong backlash from their citizens.

Reyes cited KOREA as an example of a nation who practice restraint amidst the killing of its citizens in the Philippines. Another example was Hong Kong after 8 of its citizens was killed by a disgruntled policeman who hijacked their tourist bus.

Reyes said she cannot recall these governments making a war stance during the height of the crisis and Filipinos should learn from them by start thinking about what’s best for the country and not be ruled by one’s emotions.

Reyes end the post saying she trusts the President knows better and knows when to keep quiet and release the “kraken”.

You may start reading MJ Reyes full FB post below.


Like I always say, it’s better to get more informed than mere opinionated. As such, I opted not to harshly react nor share my opinion about the matter until at least I have enough information.

It is now safe to say that indeed a Chinese vessel rammed the Filipino fishing boat–and that the said incident was not merely staged by CIA or by some desperate political animals. We’ve yet to find out though whether or not the collision was accidental or intentional. Nonetheless, it’s just right for us to:

✓ Condemn the China vessel & its crew for their cowardly action of abandoning our Filipino fishermen.

✓ Demand compensation for the 22 Filipino fishermen from the responsible entities.

It was also wise and prudent for our President to have carefully calibrated his moves & refrained from directly releasing bombastic statements in the early part of investigation–and instead, asked or allowed his alter ego (in DND & DFA) as well as his Spokesperson in issuing stern statements and in filing diplomatic protest. I say: That was the right and the best thing to do then.

May we not forget:

KOREA did not blame all the Filipinos nor did they declare war against the Philippines when one of their citizens was kidnapped, tortured, and killed by some rogue cops inside our country’s police camp (after receiving ransom!)

HONGKONG, while they condemned our past admin’s failure to handle the Luneta hostage incident which killed 8 of their people and injured several others, they too did not blame the entire country nor heavily penalized us despite former President BS Aquino’s refusal to extend an apology.

Both understood that their relationship with our country should not be judged solely by the misdeeds of some rogue cops or the incompetence & arrogance of some leaders.

I am one with many of you in condemning the irresponsible acts of the Chinese vessel crew involved. Sure, we must demand that they be punished and made to compensate. Pero pwede po ba, wag naman masyadong OA ang iba dyan na “cut ties” agad agad ang sigaw at giyera na ang hanap.

This isn’t a child’s play.

I trust our President knows better. He knows when to keep his quiet and when to “release the kraken”.

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