Netizen blogger slams UP for depicting President Duterte as an untidy, sickly & poorly nourished leader in school publication journal

A screenshot photo of the UP school publication depicting President Duterte as an untidy, sickly, poorly nourished while flexing his biceps like he was pretending to be very healthy has put the State University in hot water.

Staunch Duterte supporter Noel Landero Sarifa took to Facebook to express his strong indignation against the UP school publication and the students who pulled the stunt.

Sarifa said he has high respect for UP during his school years but this publication makes him puke. He can’t help but ask if this the kind of publication a state-owned university can publish? I have high respect for UP during my school years, this UP school publication just make me puke. Is this the kind of journalism a state owned university can publish? This is way lower than a tabloid, this is trash.

Sarifa told the people behind the publication that if they have nothing good say to the President, at least show some respect to whom the majority have voted. If you don’t like the president you don’t have to, but at least show some respect to whom the majority of the Filipino have voted. You might have brains but shit, your attitude are way beyond evil.

Sarifa remarked that he is embarrassed to have Filipino scholars who use their brains to create division and hatred to highest official of the land. I am ashamed to have a Filipino scholars who use their brains to divide this nation and create hatred to the highest official of this land. You don’t deserve the free education and the privilege you were given.”

Sarifa hoped the school admin, which he partly blamed, teach their students some manners.I hope the school administration should step up and teach their student some manners, but I guess the school administration is partly to blame. I am fucking disgusted right now.

Sarifa expressed pessimistic the kind of leadership these students will one day become because if they can do this to our President, there is no reason they can’t do this ordinary people like us. If these students cannot show respect to our president, if they become leaders, how do you think they will treat ordinary people like us? This needs to stop!

The UP school publication journal has elicited mostly negative reactions from netizens.

One netizen described it below the belt, disrespectful and abuse of freedom.. “This is definitely below the belt, disrespectful and an abuse of freedom of expression from someone who we highly expected to be more educated and morally upright. what a waste of our taxes and fund.”

This netizen wants the students behind the lampoon punished.These student should be removed from scholars and from the school.. Or better yet expelled.”

This netizen echoed the sentiment of the above-commenter. “I think it is time to close UP for such a ignorant manners of the students and administrator of said university… yn ang hirap s mga taong sobra ang talino nabobo minsan buti p kmi mga bobo n nakakaunawa ng tama at mali kaya tayo pinagtatawanan ng ibang bansa eh kapwa pinoy sinisiraan maging bida lng sayang ang talino cpp-npa dn ang bagsak bkt hnde nlng maghanap buhay ng maayus pra me pakinabang nman s pamilya”

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Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

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