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Netizen blogger tells Drilon & his cohorts, LP wokes who were furious at Cauldron to channel their anger versus P7.4-B gov’t told to pay to water company

An obviously irate Noel Landero Sarifa opened his rant on Facebook saying he wants Drilon and his cohorts who were very furious at the P5M cauldron to channel their anger once again on the P7.4B issue, which Sarifa believed towered above the cauldron issue.

Sarifa remarked that these critics appeared to emphasize that the monument alone was P50-million when in reality, it covers also the gas, site development expenses etc..

Sarifa couldn’t help but took a swipe at critics who said we cannot build this and that (monument, sports hub or athletic center) but appears to have no qualms if the government pay up f*cking P7.4- billion.

Sarifa lamented the P7.4B is the payment for the stupidity of the previous administration and who will pay for this?

Sarifa went on to fire successive hypothetical questions to critics (Drilon is this you?) in relation to the P7.4-billion money the government owed to the water company.

How many classrooms can be built for the P7.4B? How many housing units for the Yolanda and Marawi victims? How many sacks of palay can be bought by the government from the farmers? How many students can be sent to school for free? How many sick people can benefit from government’s financial aid?

Sarifa ended the brief rant by leaving a message to those who were furious of the P50-million Cauldron which he said was fake news.

Sarifa said this is the perfect issue to channel their anger! That we, the public, have to pay P7.4B for the shortcomings of the previous administration? (Take your pick: Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo, Aquino). Sarifa remarked that he wanted LP posting against this, what is f*cki*g P50M for something we can use and be proud of than a P7.4B we are forced to give to this Oligarch who made the public their milking cows since God knows when for a f****** mistake. To all the wokes who were furious at the cauldron issue, put your anger where it matters.

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Gustong kung magalit si Drilon at lahat ng cohorts nya na nanggagalaiti sa 5million na Cauldron (who seems to emphasize that the monument alone is 50Million)Now we are talking of fucking 7.4 Billion! Hindi tayo magpapatayo ng monumento, sports hub o athletic center!

Bayad sa katangahan ng nakaraang administration at sino ang magbabayad? Ang taumbayan! Ilang classroom ang mapapatayo ng 7.4Billion! Ilang housing unit para sa Yolanda victim at Marawi! Ilang sakong bigas ng magsasaka ang mabibili ng gobyerno! Ilang estudyante na ang mapapaaral ng libre? Ilang may sakit na ang mabibigyan ng financial aid ng gobyerno?

Lahat ng nagalit sa 50Million na Cauldron na Fake News! Ito! Dito kayo dapat magalit! Pagbabayarin tayo ng 7.4Billion sa kamalian ng past administration?I wanted to see LP posting against this, what is fucking 50Million pesos for something we can use and be proud of than a 7. 4Billion pesos we are forced to give to this Oligarch who made us their milking cows since God knows how long for a fucking mistake. Sa lahat ng pawoke na galit sa cauldron, put your anger where it matters!

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Source: Noel Landero Sarifa

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