Netizen burn$ Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog for insulting tweet vs. President Duterte, tells PAB to behave according to one’s beauty!

The #1 and very active yellow troll named Jover Laurio aka Pinoy Ako Blog was at it again and jeered at President Duterte on Twitter for showing up in a meeting with Russian PM Medvedev in a loose tie.

In a tweet, Pinoy Ako Blog told President Duterte that he brought shame to the country while on visit in Russia upon the invite of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Of course, netizen MJ Quiambao Reyes did not let PAB (Pinoy Ako Blog) go unchecked at responded to her tweet, saying PRRD’s appearance is no big deal for people who know what truly matters. An unbutton shirt can still be remedied. A loose necktie can be fixed.

But attitude, brain, body and PAB’s face, MJ Reyes wondered if there was still hope?

Reyes expressed frustration of Jover Laurio’s (Pinoy Ako Blog) nerve to make “lait” or insult other people’s appearance.

Reyes said she was embarrassed of Jover Laurio’s beauty and sexiness?

Reyes remarked Jover Laurio is a legend!

Apparently irked by Reyes’ insults, Laurio tweeted back asking why she would be compared to President Duterte? Is she the President? Did she went to Russia represent the Philippines? Did she have the budget that runs in billions of pesos?

Laurio fired back that it’s President Duterte who is legend… a legend of embarrassment.

Jover Laurio aka Pinoy Ako Blog did not stop here. She continued her rant versus MJ Reyes and tweeted:

Pakisabi kay Katay Duterte, dalas-dalasan ang pagligo at manamit na ayon sa okasyon at posisyon. Pikon pa naman Mga suppoertrs Niya. Lalo na Yung nasa banda tier 7-10 .

Reyes replied with a brief but pointed tweet.

“Paalala: Umasta ng naayon sa ganda.”

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