Netizen burns Ping Lacson on Twitter for blaming PRRD’s friendship with China as reason why PH-based Chinese nationals brazenly violating our laws

Senator Ping Lacson has been fueling the fire of anti-Chinese sentiments lately, especially at the height of the brouhaha over the Recto Bank incident involving a PH fishing boat and a Chinese vessel.

Netizens can’t help but think the senator is creating noise for another presidential run come 2022 election.

One pro-Duterte blogger remarked that the senator from Cavite is showing signs of “sinoph0bia”.

The latest tweet of Senator Ping Lacson pinning the blame on PRRD for every PH-based Chinese nationals who violate our laws has been creating quite some noise on Twitter. Check out the Lacson’s tweet below.

Making friends out of enemies? Your friends are here violating our laws – buying condo units by the floors without paying the right taxes while denying Filipino licensed real estate brokers their livelihood, opening businesses without permits and smuggling shabu. It’s on you!

— PING LACSON (@iampinglacson) June 28, 2019

Lacson’s tweet has divided the opinion of Twitter-verse.

One Twitter netizen lauded Senator Lacson for sounding the alarm bell.

Of course, Senator Lacson has an equal amount of critics too, like social media blogger MJ Quiambao Reyes who was not shy to express her opposing view to the senator from Cavite.

Reyes did more than registering her opposing view to the senator, the brave lady also challenged Lacson to “be part of the solution” not just whine on Twitter.

You may start reading MJ Quiambao Reyes full FB post now.

If you think Reyes was done, you’re wrong.

Reyes called out Lacson on Facebook, reiterating the challenge she issued to the senator earlier on Twitter.

Dear Mr. Senator,

With all due respect, may I ask you the following:

1. Is it illegal for these ‘friends’ to buy and invest in condo units here in the Philippines just as they do in many parts of the world? As far as I know, it isn’t illegal and it isn’t also bad for our economy. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

The reality is, they’re buying properties everywhere– including many parts of California where these wealthy ‘friends’ have bought and continue to buy buildings in cash. Yes, Uncle Sam welcomes them–or at least, welcomes their money. I know this. I’m sure you know this, too.

2. As far as the other violations you mentioned like ‘not paying the right taxes’ and ‘smuggling drugs’, you sounded as if those are factual and that those violations are government sanctioned. Are they? Because if they are, then please care to share with us your proofs and report the matter to the authority.

You seem to know a lot about what these ‘friends’ ‘do’, Mr. Senator. Wouldn’t it be better, though, if you go beyond just tweeting and criticizing?

I have high regards for you, Sir. But, please do not narrow down your role as a senator of this republic to being one of those thoughtless critics.

You are part of this government, Sir. Please be part of the solution.


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