Netizen calls on President Duterte to change the system, not the people

“The truth is, it’s not the people we need to change, it’s the system.

This is the realization of Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Laureta Chu in her latest FB post, amid the bitter power struggle between Representatives Alan Peter Cayetano and Lord Allan Velasco for the House leadership.

Chu noted that President Duterte is surrounded by politicians who allied with the President because it benefits them and whom she described with unflattering adjectives. Chu remarked that the President’s inner circle is no different.

“Duterte is surrounded by pro Dutertes (only because it suits them now) who are greedy, corrupt, scheming, ambitious opportunists. Even his inner circle, the sanctum sanctorum is full of people who only use him and his pull for their own political agenda.

Chu lamented that Duterte’s inner circle is a collection of turncoats from different affiliations who just changed colors or names and managed to get into Duterte’s inner circle. And now, these people are proving to be the stumbling block of making President Duterte achieve what he was set to achieve.

“People who are no better than LP criminals, just wearing other colors and going by other names. They’re in Duterte’s inner circle, pressuring him, tying his hands, making it difficult for him to achieve what he came to achieve.

Chu believed that it’s the system that needs a revamp not the people to lessen the opportunity or chances of people to block whatever plans of the President.

“Dapat hindi tao, kung hindi sistema ang palitan para mabawasan ang opportunidad nila maging ganon.

Chu called Duterte the perfect President to change the system.

“Duterte is the perfect President because of his political will and support, to change the entire system.

Chu remarked that the perfect time to do this is now.

“He should begin the transition to Federal Parliamentary and change the 1987 Consti.

Otherwise, the Philippines is hopeless.

“If he doesn’t change it, wala nang pag asa ang Pilipinas. There will never be anyone like him. Ako sana pero tamad ako.

Your thoughts?

Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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