Netizen chides Coco Martin, fellow artists for implicitly telling govt to overlook ABS-CBN alleged violations, grant new franchise, otherwise they lose their jobs

The Facebook page named VOVph reacted to the statement of Ang Probinsyano star Coco Martin and fellow artists who said they are calling for the renewal of ABS-CBN’s franchise because they owe it to the network who give them jobs.

“Sabi ni Coco Martin, Angel Aquino at Jericho kaya daw sila andun sa Rally kasi Malaki daw utang na loob nila sa Network na bumubuhay sa kanila..”

VOVph asks Coco Martin and company if we just allow ABS-CBN to violate Philippine law because they need jobs? “So kahit lumabag na sa batas dapat hayaan lng kasi kailangan nyo ng Trabaho?”

Even if they are free to air but they offer pay-per-view, they will turn a blind eye because they need their jobs? “Yung free to air sila pero may pay per view?”

Even if they violated the foreign equity restriction of the country, but because they need their jobs, the government will simply ignore it? “Yung linabag nila yung foreign equity restriction ng bansa..”

Even if they acquire smaller firms who own legislative franchise and get the rights to their franchises even without the approval of Congress, we just turn a blind eye because our showbiz stars will lose their jobs? “Yung inacquire nila smaller firms na may legislative franchise para malipat sa kanila kahit walang approval ng congress.”

Even if they don’t pay right taxes correctly that is why BIR filed a tax sit against them but ended up paying after reaching compromise agreement., we just let this slide because Coco Martin et al will lose their jobs, “Yung hindi nag babayad ng tamang buwis kaya kinasuhan ng BIR at nahulog na lng sa compromise agreements..(kung di pa kasuhan di mag babayad ng tama)..”

As the title of article said, the FB page asked Coco Martin and company if the government will make the adjustments because Coco and friends need a job? “Dapat gobyerno mag adjust kasi kailangan ng mga artista ng ABS-CBN ng trabaho? #Ulol

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Source: VovPh

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