Netizen chides priest who wants netizens to speak up vs family members, friends openly supporting & campaigning for murd*rers

A certain Fr. Fiel Pareja has become an instant celebrity after his tweet criticizing netizens who remain silent on family members and friends openly supporting and campaigning for murderers and say, “respect nalang sa ibat-iba ang ating political views” earned the ire of a pro-Duterte socmed influencer.

Fr. Pareja called the netizens who don’t speak against family members and friends for supporting and campaigning for murderers “enablers”. He urged netizens to engage in dialogue. Otherwise, Fr. Pareja said netizens who do not heed his call is answerable to fellow Filipinos and to one’s God.

On that note, Manila Bulletin writer Krizette Chu, a pro-Duterte socmed influencer, who is also the admin of the FB page KLC, took to Facebook to respond to Fr. Pareja’s tweet.

Basically, Chu’s reply to Fr. Pareja was simple – keep the same enthusiasm and energy in condemning fellow priests who are engaged in immoral activities, priests who accepts money from drug lords or crime boss who wants to “tame” their conscience, priests who ask politicians for needs etc..

In other words, Chu urges Fr. Pareja to clean his ranks first of his wayward messengers and Filipinos will take it as debt of gratitude if he can help Pope Francis in this regard.

Chu ended the FB post by leaving Fr. Pareja with some words of advice – check his hypocrisy at the altar of his ambition.

You may read Chu’s original FB post below now.

Keep the same energy, Father Fiel Pareja, in naming and shaming your fellow priests who are sexual predators, pedophiles, corrupt kiss assers who sidle up to wealthy matronas to ask them to be their benefactors, priests who knowingly accept drug money or crime money from those who want to “tame” their conscience, priests who ask politicians for needs, priests who have illegitimate children and have relationships with other women, sodomists who forever hurt altar boys, senior priests and seminarians who terrorize junior seminarians, and many others YOU can actually do something about.

Name and shame your own ranks, Father Piel, because there is your kingdom of cassock-wearing holy men, you can do actually something. There you can stop the mere pontificating and actually address the crimes in your own territory.

Utang na loob pa ng Pilipinas sayo yan if you can help Pope Francis clean the ranks of his wayward messengers.

God bless you Father and check your hypocrisy at the altar of your ambition.

As of this writing, 8,300 netizens react to Chu’s FB post chastising the priest in 13 hours and counting. In addition, the post generated 794 comments and and 749 shares.


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