Read: Netizen cites indisputable proof EJK a lie, product of media spin

We knew it! The local and foreign media have been telling a lie about Duterte by putting a spin to every story they write concerning Duterte.

Want proof?

Facebook user and pro-Duterte blogger MJ Quiambao Reyes posted an article today, March 10,2017 accompanied with citations and videos to expose the lies of the mainstream media to the public.

So without further adieu, let me direct your attention to the post below.

Remember “Maria” which was (mis)presented in several local and foreign news reports as a vigilante working for the police/govt. who gunned down 6 people?

Check the below screenshots and see how some reporters (and/or their editors) can twist a story and make a villain out of a hero or vice versa.

In this BBC published news report for instance, they made it appear that Maria killed people and carried out contract killings as part of the govt-sanctioned war on drugs. It sure gave the international community the impression that the govt is the one behind all the killings.

Now, I need you to watch this documentary video, surprisingly also by BBC, and focus your attention on this part:…/0B8IS3OcBPe–VURHaGw5SWozbGM/view

Link to entire documentary:

Watch the video closely and pay attention to what Maria actually said (non verbatim):

She was hired and she reported to a big-time police officer and drug dealer.
She killed people (drug pushers likely) who owe his drug dealer boss some money.
Again, let’s make this very clear. Based on the actual video and interview of “Maria”:

1. Her “boss” who ordered and paid her to kill people is a big time drug dealer in uniform–a police scalawag which the govt. has been trying to eradicate.

2. She and her drug dealer boss are NOT the govt and they were never sanctioned by the govt to kill. In fact, they (the drug syndicates) are the enemy of this govt.

3. Their victims (6 or 6,000 of them) are not in any way the victims of EJK. They are likely the victims of the very drug syndicates they worked for or the enemies of the drug lords/drug dealers.

4. The published news report by BBC and several others about “Maria” and about EJK are grossly misleading. So #NoThanksToBBC and other news agencies for such! You suck big time!

5. In fairness however, the (unedited version) BBC documentary video is OK. It is objective and fairly presented. #ThanksBBC for this. But for the life of me, why was the news article unjustly presented when you actually have a video as a reference?


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