Netizen claims this viral photo is a testament how Mayor Duterte inspire his people

A TRUE leader inspires the people around him and this viral photo of a Davao City police is a testament how Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s brand of leadership rubs on his people! This is what the netizen, Ej Santos from Davao City tries to convey when he shared this photo online today, December 27, 2015.

Customarily, he wrote a long caption to accompany the photo he shared so that the people who happens to stumble upon his post will have an idea what the pic is all about. Please read below:

I had an experience today with the police force here in Davao City. My friend’s car broke down and it was due for towing for some reason. I was shocked because instead of them to tow out the car, they went out and offered me all the help that they could do. And they didn’t leave me until the problem was solved. A big kudos to the Davao City Police Office for giving me a hand. Especially to Capt. Tubog and PO2 Cabang for lending me a hand and didn’t leave me hanging.

They didn’t ask anything in return even though I offered them something. “It’s part of our job” is what I heard from them. And Capt. Tubog even helped in pushing the car (even though he is a high ranking official)???

One netizen commented that he felt goosebumps upon reading this post and said, “This is a reflection of Duterte’s brand of leadership in Davao City and it rubs on the people working under his watch.”

Another netizen commented, “This incident is no longer new in #duterte country…”

Netizen posted a photo of Davao City police answering beyond their call of duty

Credits to Ej Santos

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