Netizen claims Yorme Isko knew he can’t win in possible showdown vs Sara Duterte in 2022 but in it for the campaign funds?

In a Facebook post with the title, “RANT, ISKO, RANT!” netizen Jun Abines hypothesized that Manila Mayor Isko Moreno Domagoso is in it not to win it (Presidency) but for the billions of campaign funds the Oligarchs will pour to his campaign.

Abines began by acknowledging that Isko Moreno’s popularity is at its highest now, just 2 years as Mayor of Manila, making him the Oligarchs and the Communist the probable bet and poster boy for 2022.

“Yorme Isko Moreno is probably at the highest point of popularity in his life at this very moment. Barely two years sitting as Manila Mayor, he is now being tapped to run for President by the Communists and Oligarchs. He is now the possible poster boy for the dying and barely breathing opposition.”

As the Oligarchs’ 2022 bet, campaign money will soon flood Isko’s way that runs in billions of pesos if he can convince his benefactors he is a winnable candidate. How? Abines explains below.

“Campaign money will soon flood Isko’s way. We are talking about Billions and Bilions of Pesos here. All Isko needs to do is open his mouth, flash his cutie smile and the press-titutes will do the rest. Isko must act tough, smart and presidentiable in all aspect. He must convince his benefactors that he is a winnable candidate, or his Billions will be gone forever.”

Abines remarked that Mayor Isko needs help to win from you know who, based on his losing record when he tried his luck to win a senate seat, going against Trapos. If he can’t win against Trapos, how much more if he run against someone with integrity and strong personality plus a super popular name like Sara Duterte? Abines asked.

“Yorme Isko knew he can’t win the Presidency. He cannot even win a Senate seat when he run for Senator in 2016 finishing only 16th againts known Trapos. How much more if he run one-on-one against someone with integrity, a strong personalty and a super popular name like Sara Duterte? He will need smartmatic for a chance to win.”

However, Abines figured that Yorme Isko must do his best not on winning the Presidency but to convince his “financiers” to bet on him. Otherwise, the campaign funds isn’t coming. If he succeeded in convincing the Oligarchs to finance his candidacy and then lose eventually. But losing isn’t that bad either, when Yorme Isko can some of the billions either for future election or for his retirement.

“But for all intents and purposes, Isko must do his best. Not on winning the Presidency, but to convince the “Financiers” to bet on him. Tens of Billions of pesos will rain on him. He will also have a joy ride during the campaign and most of all, who knows how much he can “save” from the campaign funds for future use or even for his retirement.”

Abines bared Yorme Isko’s Kryptonite though that will pull him down to earth soon.

“Yorme Isko may look like a soaring plane to some. But in reality, he is a plane with a troubled engine and short of gas. His linked to Joma Sison and the Communists is like a heavy cargo that will soon pull him down to earth crushing.”

Abines said that Yorme Isko’s saving grace is becoming the standard bearer of the Communist and Oligarchs, allowing him to glide down to earth without crashing.

“If he managed to become the standard bearer of the Communists and Oligarchs, it will be like a parachute to him. It will enable him to glide back to the ground without crushing.”

Abines asserted that all Yorme Isko can do now is pretend, act like he can give Sara or any candidate PRRD endorses a run for their money. Abines believed Yorme Isko is capable of double-crossing the Oligarchs and the Communist like when he did that to Atienza, Lim and Erap. Besides, running for President is a low risk – high reward exercise for Yorme Isko.

“So yes, Isko must pretend that he can give a decent fight against Sara Duterte or anyone Tatay Digong endorses. And if Isko Moreno can double-cross the likes of Mayor Atienza, Gen. Lim and Erap before, why not the Communists and Oligarchs? And the end of the day, Isko will make more money running for President than he made his entire life. Never mind winning, its nearly impossible.”

Abines remarked the public will soon see Yorme Isko’s greatest performance in life to get the blessing of the Oligarchs and the Communists.

“So Yorme Isko is about to give the greatest performance in his life. Remember, he was an actor first before he became a politician. All he needs to do open his big mouth like tough wannabe.”

“If Isko is all about ripping the Communist and Oligarchs of their stolen money, why not?” Abines wrote.

Abines ended the FB analysis of Yorme Isko by leaving him with words of encouragement.

I say to Yorme Isko: Go, go, go! Or maybe I should say:



Source: Jun Abines

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