Netizen compares Duterte and Robredo’s first year as President and Vice President

Today marks the first year in office of Duterte and for the heck of it, social media peeps have come up with write ups comparing the current and previous occupant of Malacanang.

However, netizen Willy Ramasola opts to be different and came up a post comparing Duterte and Robredo’s first year.

Read the post below.

Today marks the first full year since President Rody Duterte and Vice President Leni Robredo have assumed office. Congratulations Mr. President and Madam Vice President!

So let’s sit back and review what have they achieved after one year.

President Duterte:

1. Made 21 foreign travels to 17 countries in order to build diplomatic, political, military and economic ties with ASEAN neighbors and strategic allies.

2. Pushed thru with SSS pension increases which was vetoed by his predecessor.

3. Implemented the Freedom of Information Executive Order which the previous administration failed to push into reality.

4. Made tremendous success in fulfilling his campaign promise of eradicating the country’s drug problem. It’s still a work in progress though.

5. Embarked on an ambitious nationwide infrastructure program to ease traffic congestion in the metropolis and expand economic activity to the countryside as well as in regional urban centers.

6. Declared martial law in Mindanao in order to crack down on terrorist groups and their narco politician supporters.

7. Pushed for a tax reform bill which is expected to be passed into law in the coming months.

8. Facilitated the acquisition by Landbank of Philippine Postal Bank and convert the latter into Workers Bank to cater the banking and financial needs of OFWs.

9. Managed to ease tension in the South China Sea in order to improve trade and economic ties with China and benefit Philippine exporters.

10. Worked to end labor contractualization in certain industries.

11. Etc., etc., etc. (actually too many to itemize).

Vice President Robredo:

1. Produced a video message addressed to UN to make sumbong on the extrajudicial killings.

2. Converted the office of the Vice President into a yoga gym (pero after office hours naman).

3. Got appointed as housing czar but only to get fired shortly thereafter mainly due to her video production above and because of her endless yakking against the government.

4. Appeared as cover model in Esquire, Town & Country, PeopleAsia, Good Housekeeping, and other lifestyle magazines.

5. Namulot ng basura sa Boston, U.S.A.

He ended the post along this line, “Congrats again!!! We still have five more years to go. Keep up the good work. God bless to both of you. God bless our country.”

Your thoughts?

Credits to Willy Ramasola


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