Netizen cried foul anew after “Balikbayan box” was looted by Customs employees!

Contents of  Balikbayan box was stolen
Another controversy surfaces again and will definitely add another black eye to the tarnished image of the Bureau of Customs when a relative of an OFW accuses the Customs employees from stealing a portion of the contents of the “Balikbayan box” sent to them from abroad.

The netizen aired his complaint to the popular page of Even Demata by belying the earlier pronouncements of the Bureau of Customs that the opening of the “Balikbayan boxes” have been stopped as per instruction by President Aquino himself.

The netizen claimed that the “Balikbayan Box” originally weighed 55 kilograms, but when it reached the address of the recipient, it was down to 40 kilograms. They decided to weigh it after hearing a lot of bad stuffs as told and retold on the social media and on TV to make sure that they are getting the exact package. True enough, their suspicion was validated after the weighing.

Upon closer inspection of the “balikbayan box”, the family of the OFW noticed that the said box was obviously tampered using a box cutter. To cover up their crime, the thief or thieves simply piece back the balikbayan box together using a packaging tape as you can see in the image below.

Pilfered balikbayan box

Pilfered balikbayan box.

Before he ended his short message, he wished that his concern will see the light of the day by having it posted so that the OFW’s will be alerted of the continued opening of their “Balikbayan boxes” in defiance of the earlier orders given by Malacanang and President Aquino.


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