Netizen debunks viral photo from anti-Duterte page, vessel docked in Subic allegedly Chinese; turned out ship belongs to Belgian businessman

So yesterday, the photo of a Chinese vessel allegedly docked in Subic without permission has created quite a buzz on social media.

The photo has obviously fanned the anti-Chinese sentiments among paranoid Pinoy Facebook netizens, particularly those who are rabidly anti-administration and anti-Duterte.

The photo, likewise fueled the anti-Duterte sentiment online, judging by the angry comments and the thousands of shares the FB post generated in over 24 hours.

The culprit was none other than the anti-Duterte page Philippines Defense Forces Forum, known for spewing Sinophobia and fake news on social media.

You may check the screen-grab photo below taken from the post of the FB page Philippines Defense Forces Forum.

But in the age of social media, wherein information travels fast, it did not take long for radio host Mark Lopez to be alerted of the existence of the fake news being passed around by the ‘dilawan’ supporters on social media.

Lopez wasted no time to investigate and after a quick search around the web and on Facebook, Lopez came back immediately to report one’s findings to his FB followers.

Radio host Mark Lopez learned that the ship actually belong to a Belgian businessman who owned a restaurant in Subic. For details of Lopez’s investigation, I urge you to read his full FB post below.


There is this Anti-Duterte FB page called Philippines Defense Forces Forum, which has been spewing Sinophobia and fake news.

Yesterday, it had a post that went viral because of an alleged Chinese vessel docking in Subic without the proper permission (Photo 1)

The post garnered around 4k likes and 5k shares, and was swallowed hook, line and sinker by the dilawan and pro-US crowd.

But typical of its propagandizing, it turned out the said vessel is owned, NOT BY THE CHINESE, but by a Belgian investor who has a restaurant located inside Subic, as featured by the Zambales Herald News Online(Photo 2)

Like any other Anti-Duterte propaganda, this Defense Forum page capitalizes on fear mongering and fanning Anti China sentiments, with the end view of agitating the citizenry to eventually hate President Rody Duterte and his administration.

Just look into the comments of that particular post, and don’t be surprised to see how many people have been hoodwinked and deceived.

Seriously peeps, talagang overdrive sila to stir Sinophobia.

Hindi ito titigil…

(ctto Aurlan Castillo Ostrea)

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