Netizen defends POGO in Philippines, tells critics to educate themselves before saying illogical, mean things

A certain Cynthia Chu has taken to socmed to debunk some misconceptions about the POGO (Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator) industry.

Chu anticipated the backlash from speaking out in favor of POGO amid the noisy criticism from critics who are mostly anti-Chinese.

Chu, a self-confessed insider of POGO since 2011, accused the critics of hating the POGO industry because either because of ignorance or simply because they are bandwagoners – people who are in it because it is the fad.

Chu wondered why critics hate POGO so much and curious to know whether POGO has done something to them directly or indirectly hence the adverse feeling towards it.

Chu appealed to the public to refrain from making sweeping generalizations of POGO as being exclusive to the Chinese. She said the POGO isn’t 100% Chinese. In fact, 50% of the people working in the POGO industry consist of Filipinos. And we should welcome it especially those who want to earn a living without the need to go abroad.

In addition to that, not all non-Filipinos in the POGO industry are Chinese. There are Indonesians, Malaysians etc. who make up the online gaming industry.

Chu appealed to fellow Filipinos to stop hating the POGO industry. She said POGO gives our economy a lift because of its earnings. She compared hating POGO to hating the rich who donates money and still getting bashed for donating too little or for being too rich.

Chu said the POGO companies have license to operate under the PH law. She ended the post by leaving a piece of advice to haters – educate yourselves before saying illogical and mean things.

You may read the original FB post below now.

A Post About POGO

I’ll probably be bashed for saying this but I’ll go ahead and say it anyway…

1. To all naysayers of POGO companies, do you even really understand the industry? Or are you just one of them adding fuel to the flame? May ma-mema lang kumbaga.

2. Why do you hate POGOs so much? May nagawa ba sila sayo directly? Or indirectly even? POGOs should not be generalized to Chinese only because if you only knew, more than 50% of a POGO company’s population is actually FILIPINO. Filipinos who can actually earn a good living without leaving their families to go abroad. Filipinos who, even without degrees, can have an opportunity to have a career.

Oh and the non-Filipinos do not only consist of Chinese either. There are Indonesians, Malaysians, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thais and Cambodians to name a few. Think about that!

3. I have been in the online gaming industry since 2011 and although I’ve been in it for this long, I still do not fully know the intricacies of the industry. Kayo pa kaya na you just hear about news here and there lang? Not all POGO companies are illegal. In fact, most are legal, tax-paying companies who really care for their employees. Yun companies nyo kaya? Do they really care for your welfare?

4. Don’t hate on POGOs just coz we can help the economy by our earnings. It’s like hating on the rich people who donate and still get bashed for donating too little or for being too rich. That’s just insane.

5. And also, information for the day: POGO is a license! We will not be called POGO kung walang license. Please educate yourselves before saying illogical and mean things.

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Source: Cynthia Chu

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