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Netizen defends President Duterte from black propaganda insinuating the President once an NPA or sympathizer

A photo collage showing President Duterte making a closed fist while in the company of NPA leaders and cadres has been making the rounds online.

Embedded at the top corner of the photo collage were the following texts: “Sino daw ang galit na galit sa NPA kanina?!”

Obviously, the pro-CPP NPA operators behind the black propaganda are trying to sow intrigue in the eyes of the public that President Duterte was once an NPA or an NPA sympathizer and his anti-NPA diatribes in public is just for show or whatever.

US-based accountant and blogger Edwin Jamora took to Facebook to dismiss the insinuation of the pro-CPP NPA black propaganda operators via the photo collage as fake news.

“These pictures don’t mean much. The Communists want us to believe that President Duterte was once an NPA or an NPA sympathizer! Not true!”

Jamora saw nothing wrong with President Duterte’s friendship with some members of the Philippine Reds because from the very beginning, he has been very honest about it. Jamora recalled then Mayor and now President Duterte’s past interviews where he mentioned he hates to see NPAs die because they are fellow Filipinos. Jamora also praised Duterte’s effort to offer the hand of peace to the NPA rebels.

“President Duterte was candid enough to tell the country about his friendship with some in the Communist movement. He mentioned several times that he doesn’t want to see NPA men killed because they are still Filipinos, which is why he stayed away from an all-out war. Instead, he focused on asking the NPA’s to return to the law’s fold, and this strategy proved to be rewarding.”

Jamora said President Duterte showed sincerity by appointing Makabayan bloc members to his Cabinet as soon as he assumed office.

“True to his word, Duterte gave the terrorists a chance in 2016 to lay down their arms and join the government. He appointed Makabayan bloc members to key positions in the government, e.g., DSWD (Judy Tagiwalo), DAR (Rafael Mariano), and several undersecretaries and assistant secretary positions. It was a sincere gesture on the part of Pres. Duterte to make them part of his government.”

However, Jamora put into words what many Filipinos already knew about the PH communist but because its either they don’t have the courage to express their opinion or simply lose interest to share their opinion to the public.

“But the terrorists don’t want to be “part” of the administration! They want to be THE administration! They want to govern the country according to their ideology, Communism! They want President Duterte to hand them the Philippine Government.”

Jamora scoffed at the Communists and the Yellows who wants President Duterte, the winningest President ever, to hand them the Philippine government in a silver platter

“You heard me right! That’s DUTERTE who was voted by approximately 16 million Filipinos making him the winningest President ever! The Communists want him to turn over the Philippine Government to them who, after teaming up with the Yellows could not even win the election.”

Jamora ended the FB post by describing the Communists, who were very naive to think that President Duterte was an ally because of his pro-NPA overtures, in one word.



Source: Edwin Jamora

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