Netizen discusses plausible theory why Kiko Pangilinan wants Leni Robredo & LP as dr^g w@r czar for remaining 3 years of Duterte admin, not 6 months

In reaction to Senator Kiko Pangilinan’s statement demanding President Duterte to give Leni Robredo the remaining three years as dr^g w@r czar, the FB page “The Political Labandera” said this is not a surprised but typical of LP greed.

“The Political Labandera”  or TPL for short remarked that the Dilawan or Liberal party from 1986 onwards have developed what she called superhuman powers of GREEDINESS…for power…for money…for political control.

For example, when you offer a piece of cake, they want to eat not only the cake but your entire body as well like starving political cannibals. TPL said this is typical of the LP bigwigs.

In addition, TPL noted that the “dilawans” or LP loves to make “sawsaw” or meddle in other people’s business. TPL said Kiko Pangilinan is the perfect example. The challenge, TPL commented, was offered to Robredo but he had the gall to negotiate the length of terms of this challenge.

TPL suspected Kiko Pangilinan is jealous of Leni Robredo’s current position even if they appear to be equal in terms of having the same eye-bulging appearances. TPL joked that the two should have their thyroids checked.

TPL asked why Pangilinan is demanding three years instead of gladly accepting the six months offered to Robredo?

TPL offered wild but plausible theory!

TPL explained that 6 months is too short for the illegal dr^g trafficker$ to recoup their financial losses these last three years.

TPL added that we are not talking here of pennies but billions of pesos of lost revenues. Which TPL said isn’t something to scoff at. The dr^g trafficker$ are no different.

TPL alleged the LP’s were beneficiaries of the illegal trade via election campaign donors. A Manila Bulletin news article mentioned this in its August 9, 2017 article here.

Sen. Hontiveros admitted receiving campaign money from alleged dr^g lord Kenneth Dong but denied any knowledge of his illegal activities. Likewise, Sen. Villanueva, who ran under LP also admitted receiving campaign money from the controversial Dong. Like Hontiveros, he denied knowing Dong personally. [Link here]

Pangilinan though denied receiving campaign money from Kenneth Dong according to the PDI article.

TPL remarked that the illegal dr^g traffickers need three years to get their ROIs or return of investment, to break even or wipe out their losses in the last three years.

TPL asserted that money runs LP’s political machinery. Money to pay for everything. For example, if LP thinks you can get bought, they will not hesitate to offer you money. And mind you, LP does not care whether the product they are buying is certified to be of high quality or not. If it will satisfy their greed and selfishness, they will buy you. That’s how TPL painted the Liberal Party (LP). They hate and love money at the same time.

Going back to Kiko. TPL remarked that as a lawyer, Kiko should have advised Robredo to take he challenge to prove her worth now or never. If it goes well, that’s the time Leni can ask for an extension. But TPL said Kiko blew it.

TPL commented that she was not surprised because all the bad lawyers are in the LP camp. TPL wondered why LP has been a magnet for mediocrity.

TPL joked that perhaps LP made it a prerequisite for stupidity and sloppiness to become an LP member. Sadly, TPL remarked that it appears LP believe in projecting this. THIS image of being mentally-deficient in politics and governance makes them look “cool”.

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Source: The Political Labandera

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