Netizen- Duterte is the Best President of the Philippines Period!

“Duterte is the Best President of the Philippines Period!”

This is the loudest response of netizen blogger Noel Landero Sarifa to the critics of President Duterte and his administration who keeps calling Duterte an epic fail and ‘inutil‘.

For context, Noel Landero Sarifa made such bold statement in light of the whooping P13.9B remittance by the MIAA (Manila International Airport Authority) to the to the National Government (NG) from 2016 to 2019.

Sarifa remarked that the P13.9 revenue is even better when compared to the P11.1B revenue of the MIAA from 1996-2015 (19 years.

“So sa apat na taon lang ang remittance ng MIA sa gobyerno ay umabot ng 13.9 Billion, mas malaki pa kung pinagsama-sama ang nalikom mula noong 1996 hanggang 2015. 19 years, na remittance nagawa ng Duterte Administration sa loob lamang ng 4 years! Hindi pa tapos ang term nya. (I deleted the last part of the sentence to avoid getting flagged by the f@ct-checker$.)

Sarifa said that what makes the feat of the MIAA very impressive was this happened when Taal volcano erupted and airport operations was temporarily stopped due to the pandemic and yet, MIAA managed to earn a huge windfall in behalf of the government.

“Hamakin mo may pagsabog pa ng bulkan tapos ngayon halos tigil operation kasi may pandemic pero ganyan kalaki yong kinita ng gobyerno.”

Sarifa claimed that almost all of the collections from other government agencies are record breaking as well. Funds are coming in that are supposedly collected by the government. Sarifa could only shake his head in frustration that accusation from critics that Duterte is corrupt despite this? He concluded that that is why the government in the past have shortage of funds because of mismanagement.

“MIAA lang yan and halos lahat ng collections ng government ngayon ay record breaking. OFW Remittance, Custom Remittance, BIR, etc. etc…Lumalabas lahat ng perang dapat nalilikom ng gobyerno. Tapos pagbebentangan nyong corrupt si Pres Duterte? Kaya pala kulang lagi ang pondo noon, kasi hindi tama ang pamamalakad nila.”

Sarifa made a bold prediction -whoever can top the record set by President Duterte in the Philippines, he will be the best President. Until then, Duterte is the best president hands down.

“Kung sino man ang makatalo sa record ng Pangulo, Pres. Duterte, sa lahat ng nagawa nya sa Pilipinas, he will be the best president, Until then, Pres. Duterte is the Best President of the Republic of the Philippines.”

As of this writing, Noel Sarifa’s post has gathered 4,400+ reactions, 1,800+ shares and 537 comments and counting.


Source: Noel Sarifa

Duterte is the Best President of the Philippines Period! So sa apat na taon lang ang remittance ng MIA sa gobyerno ay…

Posted by Noel Landero Sarifa on Thursday, April 29, 2021

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