Netizen easily demolishes Manny Pacquiao’s honesty claim by resurrecting “spliced video” scandal involving boxer-senator

To Senator Manny Pacquiao’s fans, his courage to take on the challenge posed by President Duterte to name names or government offices involve in corruption must be very admirable act.

To Pacquiao’s critics, the boxer turned politician was a fair game for socmed satire.

1dangkal ni JP remarked that Pacquiao’s taking on the challenge of President Duterte’s dare reminds him of the song from a local popular dance group in circa 2000.

sayaw na lang, boy…
“Uy… si Manny, Matapang, Lumaban!”

“Do you remember this line from a popular all girl dance group?” 1dangkal asked his followers.

Manny accepts the dare and lifts his own chair (nagbuhat ng sariling bangko 😀), saying:

“Mawalang galang po mahal na Pangulo, nguni’t hindi ako sinungaling. May mga naging pagkakamali ako sa buhay na aking itinuwid at itinama nguni’t dalawang bagay ang kaya kong panghawakan. Hindi ako tiwali at hindi ako sinungaling,” Manny said.

Pacquiao lifting his own chair or (nagbuhat ng sariling bangko in Tagalog lingo) was expected to make him looked credible to the uninitiated folks but that statement was the opening his critics used to destroy his credibility even more.

“Weh! Di nga! Ikaw? Honest? Cross your heart? Mother Father Die? Justify the spliced video of your interview, please? That was not a lie? It was published in PDP Laban’s official FB post. Official video!”

On Pacquiao’s claim he is not a cheater…1dangkal urged netizens to look up the news wherein Energy Secretary and PDP-Laban Vice-Chairman Cusi said something about circumstances of Pacquaio’s election as PDP-Laban president.

“In another news, Cusi claims that Duterte was not even aware of the election of Manny as party’s president. Hindi ka cheater?”

1dangkal ended the FB post by leaving Pacquiao and netizens with a stanza from song which unfortunately I am not aware of.

“Dati-rati ang sweet-sweet natin
Oras-oras ika’y na sa ‘kin
Bakit nga ba pinaasa-asa
Kaya ngayo’y naloloka
Aaayy! …”

As of this writing, 1dangkal ni JP’s post roasting Pacquiao has created quite a buzz on Facebook, generating 2,400 reactions (1,400 of which hit the laugh emoji button), 426 comments and 293 shares.


Source: 1dangkal ni JP

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