Netizen explains eerie silence of Leni Robredo on alleged Meralco abuses, vocal on every issue vs Duterte admin

The self-proclaimed ‘Revenge Minister of the DDS’ Krizette Laureta Chu is back after a month long suspension for violating Facebook’s community rules blah, blah.

Despite the long forced leave from FB, Chu isn’t showing any sign of slowing down and in a Facebook post with the title “LENI ROBREDO AND MERALCO”, Chu exposed the hypocrisy of Robredo and the so-called wokes.

Chu noted the wokes penchant of calling Duterte ‘Tuta ng China’ or China’s pet and yet their lives aren’t directly impacted by what they claim China’s abuses.

However, Chu remarked that the wokes’ lives are directly impacted by the oligarchs who are fellow Pinoys, who have been abusing us for a long time with their inhumane high rates.

Chu mentioned Leni Robredo, the Patron Saint of the so-called wokes, who pretend to care about social justice and the poor and yet, is QUIET about anything Meralco.

Chu said Leni Robredo is known for making comments on every issue to scare the public, but on issues that affects the day to day existence of Filipinos, she is mum. Chu cited Robredo’s recent comments on the presence of Army in the streets of Cebu as an example, even if the Cebuanos appreciate the presence of the tanks.

Chu lamented that while majority of the Filipinos (Luzon) are complaining how Meralco is making our lives very difficult, the Vice President is very quiet. She clarified she is not asking for Robredo to condemn Meralco but she just want her to be meddling the way she meddled in all issues of the government.

Chu can’t help but ask the obvious question. “Bakit kaya?”

Chu asks if its possible, as mentioned in previous news articles, she has undeclared stocks of Meralco which became an issue against her way back in 2017?

Chu repeated the same question if indeed the VP is a stockholder of Meralco for emphasis. ‘So Totoo bang STOCKHOLDER sya ng isang company na ni rereklamo natin lahat?’

Chu noted the seriousness of the allegation against the VP because failing to declare her alleged Meralco stocks is an impeachable offense. Chu claimed she did some research and Robredo’s spokesperson, Barry Gutierrez, insisted during an ANC interview that she did declare it on her SALN. Chu wondered why many insisted otherwise? Lawyers like Bruce Rivera even discuss this at length. [Link here]

Chu said it ‘doesn’t matter right now if she declared it or not, although if we take a page out of CJ Corona’s book, she should have declared it or she should suffer the same fate as the CJ.’

Chu insisted Robredo speaks about the real issues that Filipinos face everyday because Meralco is importanter (Chu’s getting silly!).

‘What does matter now is that Leni, the oligarch-backed politician with her oligarch backed projects, hardly, if ever speak up about the REAL ISSUES THAT WE FACE EVERY DAY because Meralco is importanter.’

Chu remarked that Robredo and the wokes are fear-mongering about China while our very own Oligarchs, they are abusing the public, like water companies who charge us with sewage facilities that are non-existent, which explains the wide gap between rich and poor in this country, and why the oligarchs act with impunity.

Chu reckoned ‘our electricity rates are some of the highest in Asia.’

Chu declared that her post was brought to Robredo by the laylayan, Filipinos living in the fringe of society (the marginalized), who are suffering from the merciless oligarch companies, who will never be called out by politicians who protect them.

Chu did not spare the new breed of communist of today, whom she accused of being either LP-aligned or stupid. She said a real Red will never side with oligarch oppressors. Reminds me the Makabayan bloc defending ABS-CBN.

‘Yung mga communista naman sa mga panahon na to, LP aligned, kung hindi mga tanga. A real Red will never side with oligarch oppressors. Social justice pa more.’

Chu figured the enemies of President will never succeed despite the black propaganda of the propagandists and the Reds because the words alone and the PR campaign promoting themselves ‘holy’ aren’t enough but actions and real effort trumps them all. Lastly, being backed by an oligarch – for sure you’ll never be on the people’s side.

Towards the end of her FB post, Chu announced her support to change the Cory Constitution.



And finally, Chu stated what separates the “tuta” Duterte from Leni Robredo while telling them to stop taking Filipinos for fools.

‘And yes, “tuta” Duterte called out Meralco in a way that your favorite oligarch backed tutas never will.
Kaya wag kami.’

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Source: Krizette Laureta Chu

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