Netizen explains to Yorme Isko why Sara Duterte can make out of trips & still, Davao City functions like well-oiled machine in open letter

An open letter addressed to Yorme Isko Moreno via comment on the thread of the FB post of Sass Rogando Sasot regarding Yorme’s remark on Mayors going out of trips while the country is facing a pandemic has been rocking the internet.

A certain netizen named Paul Villarica commented to explain to Yorme Isko what makes or the attributes of the best supervisor and then went on to connect the dots that Sara Duterte is Davao City’s shift supervisor.

Hence, she is the best supervisor, she can go on a trip outside Davao City without worrying that the city will stop functionating once she leaves because she trained her team to work independently and instilled in them her work ethic so that they function just like Sara is the one doing the work.

In other words, the netizen pointed out to Yorme that knowing how to delegate is her greatest asset. He told Yorme to use multi-tasking widely and innuendos won’t do him any good.

As of this writing, Villarica’s comment has elicited 1,300+ reactions and 69 replies from fellow netizens and counting.

Here are some of the replies from netizens.

“True! The best managers do not micromanage,” commented a netizen expressing one’s agreement with Villarica’s input.

” shhhh… He doesn’t know the meaning of such word. He believes that being on the ground, working hands-on where he can be seen by everyone is what makes a good leader. Perhaps he expects Inday Sara to make pajak the trisikad,” hush hush replied a netizen because those words are alien to Yorme Isko.

” correct! proper time management & delegation of work. affected much ka ba, yorme?” chimed in another netizen.

“correct po maam. Leader Substitute Model theory by Fiedler.. if the tasks are well constructed and followers are well trained, the organization will run itself,” replied another netizen.

True. It’s like parenting commented another netizen.

” I totally agree! Parang parenting din yan. When you trained your children to be independent, self-reliant, and street smart you are very much confident that they can manage their own lives even without your presence. Thus giving you a priceless peace of mind.”

Let me end the post by leaving Isko with a thorough lecture este reply from a netizen on management.

“Paul Villarica agree 💯☑️.. It is very same as a big multinational company, whose directors must know how to delegate responsibilities and duties, in the daily operation of the entire of the company…☑️💯MAYOR ISKO SHOULD LEARN MORE ON MANAGEMENT AND TO CONCENTRATE ON HIS CAPABILITY OF HOW TO DELEGATE RESPONSIBILITIES AND DUTIES TO HIS SUBORDINATES.. 😊☑️💯Base on this statement of Isko Moreno, HE DEFINITELY CANNOT RUN AND IS NOT CAPABLE TO MANAGE A COUNTRY AND NOT QUALIFIED TO BECOME A PRESIDENT…💯☑


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