Netizen explains why the Philippines can survive without the mining industry in the country. Must read!!!

The mining issue is a hot topic among netizens who find the sight of mountains and forest being destroyed by irresponsible mining practices appalling!

Thanks to the social media and internet – people nowadays have access to information unimaginable 30 years ago.

Because of the speed information are shared online, people have become empowered and sharing their opinions on issues is a given.

The mining issue is a perfect example how online activism can shape the direction of the mining industry in the country under the Duterte administration.

But will online activism work against the mining industry?

For starters, a netizen shared a compelling reason why the Duterte government and beyond may survive if the mining industry especially those involve in destructive methods of extracting minerals from our mountains.

If not for the social media, I must admit, I am one of those individuals who are in the dark when it comes to the financial impact of the mining industry to the national coffers.

Check out the full text of the argument presented by a netizen named Henry Samonte why the country can live without the mining industry.

As I have said before, and I will repeat it again, there is no such thing as safe mining method. The deadly toxic use in mining undermines the benefit of a measly $132 million tax while OFW remittances expect to hit $51 BILLION, I SAY AGAIN , $51 BILLION, AND THE CALL CENTER OR OUTSOURCING WILL GO UP TO 27 BILLION AS AGAINST A ‘PEANUT’ $132 MILLION BENEFIT FROM MINING INDUSTRY. DU31, WAKE UP.

Never mind if Philex shares drops to 20% due to panic selling, it only indicates that the mining industry is aware of the damaging effect they made in our countrysides. To hell with the drop of mining shares (Philex), that’s the problem of the ultra rich like Pangilinan.

Save our indigenous people and our environment from the irrevocable destruction and toxic waste. Just by curtailing corruption in our government which is about 30% of the budget is more than enough to compensate to the lost income in mining. It’s only CHINA WHO BENEFITS FROM OUR PRECIOUS METALS.

Reaction please on this matter!!!

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