Netizen gives Ogie Diaz a dose of his own medicine for snide remarks vs famous anti-Leni Robredo lifestyle magazine editor

It is not surprising that showbiz reporter and vlogger Ogie Diaz will come running to Leni Robredo’s defense after Lifestyle magazine editor Christine Cunanan took a jab at the former VP’s graduating speech she delivered to the graduates of Ateneo de Manila University Loyala campus recently.

In the said FB post, Cunanan asked her followers if they also had a hard time decoding part of Leni Robredo’s speech.

It can be recalled that Christine Cunanan was the founder of the ABL (Anybody But Leni) movement on Facebook during the height of the 2022 presidential campaign.

On Twitter, showbiz reporter Ogie Diaz said he is not surprised of Cunanan’s criticism of Leni Robredo because haters gonna hate no matter what, questions her every move, find issues with her. Just like Cunanan’s brain, we need to look for it, Diaz joked.

If Ogie Diaz got Leni Robredo’s back, Adrian Pascual, one of the admins of the Luminous, also got Christine Cunanan’s back so to speak.

In a Facebook post, Pascual defended Cunanan from Ogie Diaz’s insults on Twitter, saying that Cunanan’s brain works that way because of her rigorous academic training and decades of experience as a writer for for international publication. The same cannot be said of the rigidity of showbiz gossip and very low standard writing Ogie Diaz is accustomed to.

Pascual agreed with Cunanan’s observation that Leni’s speech, part of her speech, was indeed challenging to decipher because the former VP was not talking to someone like Ogie Diaz. According to him, Cunanan was simply asking her readers the question of coherence of the thought and writing processes of Leni’s speech.

Pascual joked that Leni was either writing using codes or in some moronic language.

Pascual turned his attention once again to Ogie Diaz and said that his palengkera style of writing won’t pass the standard of lifestyle writers, especially editors like Ms. Cunanan. Ouch!

You may now read Adrian Pascual’s original FB post below.

Ganon talaga The Ogie Diaz kasi ang utak ni Christine Cunanan ay na train sa academic rigor at decades of experience in writing international standard content for her international publication and other known international publications, brands, and organizations. Hindi kagaya sa rigidity ng showbiz chismis and very low standard of writing na kaya mo lang ilabas sa mundong ito. Real talk lang po ha.

Mahirap mo maarok talaga ano ibig niyang sabihin kasi hindi naman siya nagsasalita sa o para sa mga kagaya mo. For your own benefit, sisimplehan ko ha. She was simply asking her readers the question of coherence sa thought and writing processes ng speech ni Leni (na very questionable). Either Leni wrote it using codes or in some moronic language kasi. Hindi pupwede yung palengkera style mo sa mga travel and lifestyle writers, lalo na sa mga editors na gaya ni Ms. Cunanan. Yun lang po yun. Sana medyo naintindihan mo na kasi Pilipino naman mostly ginamit ko dito with hints of Binisaya diction.


Source: Luminous by Trixie Cruz-Angeles & Ahmed Paglinawan

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