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Netizen hopes Manny Pacquiao read Bayanihan reports thoroughly before making allegations

In response to President Duterte’s dare to name the offices and officials involved in corruption as per allegation by the boxer turned politician, Manny Pacquiao demanded the president to conduct probe, starting with DOH for possible misuse of foreign loans for pandemic response.

On that note, international commodities trader MJ Quiambao Reyes took to Facebook to tell the Pacman that he should have did his homework by reading the Bayanihan reports before opening his mouth and insinuate corruption in DOH. Reyes shared a dictum to Pacquiao: “he who alleges must prove.”


Sana lang nabasa mo po muna at nabusisi ang mga Bayanihan Reports as provided to the Congress kung saan nakasaad ang mga expenditures. Lahat daw ng senators may kopya. Thereafter, you should have pin pointed exactly saan doon ang 3x corruption at sino ang mga involved. He who alleges must prove.”

Reyes reminded Senator Pacquiao what a responsible legislator and public servant should have done when he witnessed a corrupt practices.

“Ang alam ko, regular naman ang report ng Executive sa Legislative body. Dapat dati pa nakita nyo na kung may korapsyon nga (sa PPE, etc.) at sana dati pa napanagot nyo na ang mga sangkot (kung meron nga). That’s what a responsible legislator and public servant should have done.”

On insinuation of corruption in the purchase of vaccines, Reyes said that Pacquiao is barking at the wrong tree. Reyes instead, pointed Pacquiao where to start poking his nose.

“Pag dating naman sa bakuna, ang alam ko rin ay diretso ang bayad ng ADB sa suppliers ng vaccine (precisely to avoid corruption). What you should look into is the distribution of vaccines to LGUs.”

Reyes remarked that if Pacman really did his job in fighting corruption especially those who took advantage of the pandemic, the President would have been happy because that’s what he asked from the public.

“Sigurado natuwa pa ang Pangulo at ang taumbayan sa iyo if you really did your part and did expose those who took advantage of the pandemic and pocketed public funds (if any) kasi yan naman ang paulit ulit na pakiusap ng Pangulo sa lahat: Ang isumbong sa kanya at i-expose ang mga ahensya at public officials na korap.”

Reyes slammed Pacquiao for wasting an opportunity to help in the fight against corruption because he would only do it after he becomes president. Wais!

“You had all the opportunity to help fight corruption. You didn’t. Gusto mo kasi iboto ka muna bilang Presidente bago mag declare ng War on Corruption. “


“I’m still looking forward to your exposé, Mr. Senator. Any genuine effort to fight corruption here and now will be much appreciated.”

As of this writing, Reyes’ FB post has created quite a buzz of Facebook, generating 4, 783 reactions, 955 comments and 302 shares in just 4 hours and counting.


Source: MJ Quiambao Reyes

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